Who is CasinoOnline.ca?


Back in the mid-90s, when we were introduced to casinos, cards and tricks of the trade, we didn't have such easy access to information. So, libraries, fellow gamblers and hands-on practice became our best friends.

Moving forward to 2024 and we've became very comfortable making casino plays that would mystify or strike fear into the heart of your average gambler. Doubling down in blackjack is still a favourite move and if we can go all in on a poker game, we will. After these many years of experience, casinos' online games never cease to impress us which is why we've made it our mission to show new players how incredible they can be – without having to go to a library! Which isn't to say that books aren't useful, but getting the best gambling info these days is a lot more convenient.

The Awesome People Behind The Scenes of CasinoOnline.ca

You won't find a team that could fill a large corporate floor here, that's not our style. CasinoOnline.ca is run by 4 friends, gamblers, and tech savvy enthusiasts. We've ventured to Canada's top casinos to get an up close and personal experience of the real-deal. Together, we've combined our own skills and interests to develop an unbiased casino online review site geared to keeping bankrolls in-tact and out of the downswing. Get to know us a little bit more:

Joshua Wilson – The Number Cruncher

An analyst at heart, Josh uses historical insight and future forecasts to create betting systems that work. He's a serious sports bettor, blackjack counter, and poker player who puts his trust in the power of numbers. Josh sticks to a sound bankroll management system and uses his gambling profits for websites like this. He is the founder and the developer of CasinoOnline.ca and the go-to guy for an opinion on betting algorithms.

Sophia Caron – The Savvy Bettor

Sophia values casinos for the entertainment they offer. She knows the odds and the winning bets, but doesn't follow any strict strategy except maintaining a well-organized bankroll and using bonuses to her advantage. She enjoys the skill of multi-deck blackjack games, but also the relaxed vibe of classic slots. Sophia is the research and content editor for CasinoOnline.ca.

Alex Bailey – The Grinder

Alex makes a living from gambling, but not as a high roller or with huge risky bets. He believes rewards must be proportional to the amount of time and effort invested. Alex prefers to take his time, sussing out other players in live games and methodically thinking through each of his hands. This precise approach has taken years of honing, but it has paid off. European roulette, baccarat, Texas Hold'em, and video poker are his go to games of choice. When he's not grinding, he is researching the industry, testing new technology and assisting on this sites' growth.

Emma Nadeau – The Seeker

Emma is one of those people who gets bored with repetition. No matter how hard she tries to maintain her focus on one single game, she never gets very far. She prefers to glide across the virtual floor playing a few rounds on all the different types of games. You can be sure that when a new game is released, she's trying it out. Emma maintains the real fun comes from the discovery, understanding is the reward, and money is the bonus. She helps to write, edit, and conduct research for the site.

How We Review the Casinos on This Site

Hours and hours go into the review of an online casino. Canadians from all over the country turn to us for advice and we want to maintain their trust and respect. Our checklist is very long and includes a lot of small details which often go unnoticed, but these are the things that matter. Our reviews cover the following:

Safety & Security

Casinos' security measures are one of the first things we look at. Starting with the encryption protocols, we verify there are no leaks in the server communications of personal and financial information. To be listed on this review site, casinos must implement 128 or 256 SSL encryption. They also must not share or sell any information to outside parties. In this case we put our reading glasses on and carefully review the privacy policy and terms in its entirety.

Mobile/App Compatibility

We want the ability to play casino online games with ease, whether that means at home or on the go. A casinos' smartphone app's game selection is not going to be as large as that of its in-browser counterpart. That said, we like to see good options for iOS and Android. Windows and BlackBerry apps are a great asset as well, but they are currently more limited in terms of support. Trust us, when you can play real money games with wearable technology, we'll add those to our list too!

Customer Support

At some point, you may stumble across something so perplexing that you will want to contact customer support about for more details. We appreciate support systems and the time which many operators have taken to help us at one point or another. We look at support because these people are representing the company as a whole. We look for teams that are responsive & friendly. Casinos with multi-lingual support for French-Canadian speakers and other nationalities are also preferred.

Deposit and Withdrawals
Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Payment options are very important for our casino review. The faster, the better, but safety must not be compromised. Canadian friendly payment options are a must and should include instantaneous deposits, as in the case of debit cards, as well as third party processors. We understand some gamblers like anonymous methods and so whenever possible, we include these in our review. Withdrawal maximums, associated fees, and payout times are very crucial aspects that we spend time assessing.

Bonuses and Promotions

We take bonuses seriously and use them to our fullest advantage whenever possible. When we review casino online bonuses, we first look at how practical their playthrough requirements are. We also consider how regularly we are offered additional bonuses as well as other promotions like free spins, free tournament entries, and prizes. Loyalty clubs are an absolute must. They make up for losing streaks and are an exciting addition to the world of gambling.

The Games Selection

We try out as many games as possible, allowing us to give a full unbiased review of the graphics, audio, speed, traffic, odds, and betting options. The software should be easy to access through no-download browser playing, downloadable options, or smartphone apps. Brands should offer high entertainment, exciting 3D graphics, realistic features, and incredible animations. If you're curious about the games we're currently playing a lot, they include Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones, Blackjack Gold Series, and Red Dog Progressive.

Create Your Own Opinion of Our Hand Picked Casinos

Personal experience is what allows growth and perpetuates opinion, it's important in the word of gambling which is why we'd prefer you to try out any of our recommended casinos for yourself. They each have their own qualities, which you'll discover as you start to try them out. Best of all, you don't need any real money to get started. Simply create a free account and try out the games in their demo-mode. You'll be enabled to deduce whether or not the site is good enough to meet your needs and expectations.