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With the advent and expansion of mobile technology, tech developers are continuously pushing boundaries in terms of what mobile devices can do. Modern times have changed the scope of gambling at a casino online and gamblers in Canada are loving every moment of it.

We're here to present what options you, as a Canadian player, have when gambling on your mobile device. On this page, you will receive insight into:


Discover Your Favourite Platform

Confused as to whether your mobile device can be used to gamble online at your favourite casino website or mobile app? Read on to learn more about the most commonly used devices for online casino play, with functionality that allows both in browser and app based play.


Canadian players can now find almost any game they would want to play at a casino online on their iPhone through the Apple App Store. This device is compatible with the majority of mobile casinos, meaning you won't be hard pressed when it comes to gambling on the go options.


iPad players have access to the same great variety of games as iPhone users, but accessible from a much bigger screen. The iPad has pushed casino gambling to a new level of fun and excitement. Its portability and functionality similar to a desktop, players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


Due to this platform's popularity, the top mobile online casinos are creating native apps that work with Android phones to deliver a lag-free gaming experience to users. You'll be able to find your favourite casino online games in the Google Play store, with plenty more to come.


As one of the first smartphones, the BlackBerry still offers online casino apps through the BlackBerry App World. In recent efforts to appease mobile gamblers, BlackBerry continues to add new casino online games to its app store with this list set to expand in the days to come.

Windows Phone
Windows Phone

While Windows phones are a less-popular smartphone option, players can still find online casinos that make apps for them. Casino sites still keep Windows phone users in mind, and real cash wins will always be accessible via your Windows mobile device.


Thanks to its portability and ease of use, the tablet has come to the forefront of online gaming. Whether you have a device that runs iOS, Android, or Windows, you can find a casino app in the app store to download, or play web-based casino games from the tablet.


With millions of mobile device users across different regions in Canada, major online casinos have risen to the occasion. They now provide users with a seamless gaming experience whether they want to play pokies, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno, or any other popular gambling games.

The Shift from Desktop to Mobile Gambling

Online casinos have been popular since the nineties, but it wasn't until about ten years ago that Canadian online players could gamble for real money using a mobile device.

Most players initially had to resort to using their desktop if they wanted to visit their preferred casino online. Needless to say, this limited where and when they were able to play. Aside from rudimentary mobile phone games such as Snake and tic tac toe, which used WAP or Wireless Application Protocol, users could not play games, let alone play casino games on their mobile phones until Java Micro Edition came along in 2001. At this time, even though mobile devices were capable of it, there were very few options for players who wanted to play for real money in the form of Canadian Dollars.

Things started to change in 2007 when Apple released the iPhone, which had a full desktop-like interface and revolutionised the market. and the following year Android also came out with a smartphone. Once smartphones and their app stores gained popularity, online casinos began creating apps that allowed users to play almost every casino game imaginable for real cash. In 2010, HTML5 was created and developers were able to write one program and use it across different platforms, reaching more users than ever before.

Nowadays, with easy access literally at their fingertips, people want information and games available on a mobile device. So any casino online that doesn't offer a website catering to mobile users is losing out on some serious revenue opportunities. In addition, as of April 2015, Google started rewarding websites that catered to mobile users with higher ranking on search engines. Online casinos that chose to keep their old, dated websites were pushed further down on search results, meaning fewer clicks from users. This information is enough to realize that any online casino website aspiring to become successful should pay close attention to the millions of mobile device users out there.

Mobile vs. Desktop Gaming Venues


Mobile casino apps allow users to play whenever and wherever they are. No longer do gamblers have to travel to a casino or be tied to a desktop to enjoy their favourite games. With the broad coverage of LTE networks, players can play in mobile casinos with lightning fast connections. This means more bets and more chances to win real cash! As a mobile casino online player, you can expect free bonus cash and great welcome bonuses when you sign up.


Even though using a desktop to play your preferred casino game may seem awkward since it doesn't offer the same convenience and portability, desktops still have a massive variety of games available. Desktops have better graphics cards, which means that you can harness the great gameplay quality that casino websites offer. In addition, with the relatively recent introduction of live dealer games, you have a front seat to all the action on your desktop.

The Advantages of Going Mobile

Accessing Quality Apps & Sites

Mobile casinos are every bit as secure as their desktop platforms, which is why there's no reason for players to stay chained to their desks. The realistic graphics allowing you to become truly immersed when playing these casino games.

Our team has worked hard to find the best mobile casinos & apps that not only offer a brilliant gaming experience, but are also safe to bank with. Regardless of what game you're in the mood to play today, we've compiled an extensive list of casino titles that will fulfill your appetite for online gaming.

Take your online casino play mobile today!

Mobile FAQ

Most Canadian online casinos now have a mobile app so that players can enjoy their favourite games on their mobile device. Availability as to which games and casinos a player has access to, will depend on the player's mobile device and the casino online. The majority of competitive casinos in Canada understand that most of their players use a mobile device when playing online, so they strive to provide the same experience when compared to desktop players.
Players can easily deposit and withdraw Canadian Dollars in top online casinos by creating an account on their mobile device and using the app's payment platform. The Canadian casinos and mobile apps we recommend all have secure payment methods with partners such as MasterCard and Visa. Players can have the same experience funding their bankroll and withdrawing their winnings as they would on a desktop.
A mobile casino online generally won't use a large amount of bandwidth, especially in comparison to other games available to mobile users. It's still a good idea to monitor data usage as you play if you are on a limited data plan. As gaming technology improves, graphics are getting better, but at the same time the programming is becoming more advanced. This means Canadian mobile casino players are getting better gaming experiences with relatively lower data and CPU usage.