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American Roulette

It goes without saying that American Roulette is one of the most famous casino online games in North America. With this game, you have to understand basic rules and essential strategies to get the best possible results.

Needless to say, it might seem simple right now, but once you start playing, you will see that there are certain tactics and approaches in American Roulette, which may work in your favour. On this page, we intend to acquaint you with the following topics.


The Beginning of a Craze

Hundreds of years ago, wheels were used from China to Rome for gambling purposes. Even the Greeks used gambling wheels, which came in the form of their metal shields with hand-marked slots. Moving on to the Italians, they played a game called Hoca that became hugely popular in Europe in the 17th century. This game comprised of a round table with 40 numbered cups evenly spread around the circumference.

American Roulette eventually came about in the second half of the 18th century when immigrants from France fled the French Revolution and moved to Louisiana. From 18th century roulette to today's American Roulette, the game continues to provide unparalleled excitement, whether it be in a physical casino or at a casino online.

The American Variation - A Quick Glance

As with any casino online, there are important aspects you should pay attention to both before and whilst playing American Roulette. Here at we think it best that new players go into play with the best knowledge they could possibly have. That's why, along with all the other information you'll find on this page, we've noted down some points that we feel are important to keep in mind whilst enjoy a spin on your favourite online American Roulette wheel.

  • no mathematical strategy
    There is no verified mathematical strategy
  • bets
    You can put chips on a combination of bets or on a single bet on the virtual table in front of you
  • easiest
    Deemed to be one of the easiest casino games to win at
  • bets final
    Bets can still be finalised after the ball has been spun
  • Start Spinning Those Wheels

    If you're new to world of online gambling, or if you're a veteran but are yet to venture into the realms of casino roulette, then no fear! As one of the simplest casino games to play, you'll have no trouble picking it up and you'll be playing in no time. To make sure that you're ready to start winning roulette jackpots, we've detailed the simple steps involved in American Roulette play.

    number section
    The first part of the table is the number section, which is all the numbers from 0 to 36, plus the double zero "00" or otherwise called, the main layout.
    The second part is the outside and it includes all the 3 groups, red and black, odd and even and 1 - 18, 19 - 36.
    North America and the Caribbean
    American Roulette is mostly played within North America and the Caribbean. Most casinos elsewhere do not use this version.
    equally spread out
    * All numbers and features that can be bet on in an American Roulette wheel are equally spread out, with no more than 2 odd or even numbers next to each other.


    • Call Bets - These types of bets are called by saying the bet out loud without placing chips on the table. Some casinos give players the ability to announce true call bets, whereas others don't. However, most will let players call announced bets, in which you call out a bet and then place chips on the table to confirm the bet.
    • Column Bet - This is when a player bets on one of the three available columns of numbers. Typically this will pay 2 to 1.
    • House Edge - This is the advantage the casino has over the player and it is usually written as a percentage of each bet the casino will keep on average.
    • Marker - The croupier uses a marker to signify the winning number after every spin. Players cannot call out new bets for the next spin until the croupier removes the marker off the table.
    • Outside Bets - These are bets made on the outer part of the roulette table. Outside bets usually cover the greater sections of the wheel and pay out lower odds. An example would be placing a bet for the ball to land on odd or even numbers, or on black or red sections.

    Consider Your Strategy Options

    Inside bets are placed on a number from 0 to 36 and the outsides are all other possibilities, such as red & black, even & odd, and highs & lows.

    Even though you can't predict exactly where the ball will land, you can still improve your chances of winning, or at least not lose too much money, by using strategy. To start with, make bets on the outer part of the roulette table. Outside bets usually cover the greater sections of the wheel, so your chances of success improve. The odds of winning when playing American Roulette are 37 to 1, each spin of the wheel gives you the same chance of picking a winning number.

    The best way to stay ahead in American Roulette, casino online players will agree, is to know how much you can bet. Bet an amount within your budget because this game is fast-paced and if you don't keep an eye on your spending, you may end up losing more than anticipated. Playing for too long can increase your chances of losing money. So quit while you're ahead. For more tips and helpful strategies, visit our top 10 tips page

    Our Pro Tips

    While American Roulette is a game of chance, it definitely won't hurt to know a few successful tips that professional roulette players stand by. Keep these points in mind the next time you hop on a casino online.

    Try Your Luck Online

    American Roulette Online

    While there is no set way to win in roulette since the outcome is based on nothing but luck, you can still help yourself by being a wise gambler. Going into a game of roulette with little to no knowledge about the kinds of bets you can place and what kinds of odds you have will work against you.

    Learning how to mitigate risk is also an important skill, doing this while still being able to play on the inside by splitting between two numbers. Learn how to make the Split Bet your best friend because it will give you a higher chance of winning versus a Straight Bet. With that said, be sure to visit our suggested list of reputable American Roulette casinos in Canada.

    Start enjoying American Roulette at top online casinos!

    American Roulette FAQ

    Due to the fact that players solely have to rely on their luck to win big in American Roulette online casinos, gamblers enjoy playing the game. While the house edge is slightly higher in this variant, that very edge entices players to try their luck and see if they come out on top once the ball stops spinning.
    In American Roulette, the odds seem worse when compared to other versions. Therefore, you typically will not find this variant elsewhere besides North America and the Caribbean. The roulette wheel has a double zero and every bet besides the direct bet on the chosen zero is lost when either zero shows up. Besides this, everything else is similar.
    Since the American Roulette wheel has the extra 00, the odds are further tilted in the favour of the house. The chances of landing an even/odd or red/black are 46.37% and the payout is usually 1 to 1. However, the probability of landing a single number of your choice is 2.63%. The payout for this is 35 to 1. With such a low percentage of winning, this version is not as favourable as the European one.
    American Roulette is a game of chance, so there aren't any proven systems that can work their magic. Some players think that keeping an eye on the croupier will allow them to predict where the ball will land. However, the croupier is changed in intervals and the speed at which they release the ball every time is different, and so is the speed of the roulette wheel. This system has far too many random variables to predict the winning bet.
    You'll find plenty of sites online in Canada to play at. You simply have to navigate to the "Roulette" section of a casino online and then locate the American version. Always ensure that the casino you play at is licensed, all of our recommended ones are audited and verified by a local gambling authorities. This allows you to play in a fair environment where the wheel is unbiased and winnings are paid without delay.
    While the way the game is played mostly remains similar, the largest difference in the American version versus the European one is the presence of the double zero. Other wheels such as the French one have 36 numbers and one zero. The difference between the two gives the American version a larger house edge and, therefore, gives the house double the chance of winning.
    You can maximize your chances of winning real Canadian Dollars by placing bets that include a larger set of features on the wheel. Placing a Straight Bet will obviously decrease your chances of winning, however, if you bet that the ball will land on an odd or even number, or even a red or black, your bet is more likely to win. It's best to go with a sound strategy rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.