Online Casinos & Windows Phones in 2024

While Windows continues to be the driving force of most computers worldwide, it is yet has to have the same impact on mobile phones and casino games. Online gambling is an exciting activity that provides players with the opportunity to try their luck, use their skills, and make some real money.

While gambling online was traditionally done through bulky desktops at home, there has been a shift in the last decade. Thanks to the introduction and now widespread use of mobile phones and devices, players are looking to access their favourite casino online through these devices. On this page, we are going to discuss how Windows:

  • Is rising to prominence in the mobile gambling industry
  • Users can create a casino online account and start mobile gaming
  • The advantages of Windows Phone online casinos
Quick Facts
  • Windows Phones had their highest market share in 2013.
  • Microsoft & Nokia have come together to create innovative phones with fast processors.
  • Multitasking functions allow players to play in mobile casinos while maintaining other activities.

The Popularity of This Seasoned Platform

Although the Windows Phone Marketplace has less variety for mobile casino apps in comparison to its competitors such as Google Play and the Apple App Store, it has other features that make the mobile gaming experience great.

Windows Phones first hit the scene in 2010 following the smartphone boom from BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android devices. In 2011, Microsoft partnered with Nokia, who adopted the Windows Phone as its main operating system. As a latecomer to the smartphone market, Windows hasn't yet reached the same popularity as the iPhone, Android, or even BlackBerry, but users enjoy the sleek interface and well-organized media hubs that the phones provide.

The native web browser allows users to have 6 different internet tabs open at the same time, so although apps are more limited, users can easily play at casino online websites through their Windows Phone without much difficulty. The screen allows for multi-touch features and smooth zoom.

Start Playing via Your Phone

Users can play at a casino online via the Windows Phone browser, or they can download mobile casino apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace. If a user wishes to download a mobile casino app, the process is simple:

Windows Phone Marketplace
Open the Windows Phone Marketplace by tapping its icon on your home screen.
Use the search function to find the specific mobile casino you wish to download.
Click Install or Download to install the app on your phone.
Once the download is complete, you can open the app by tapping its icon.
Set up an account
Set up an account with the mobile casino and input your personal information and payment details.
Start playing
Start playing for real cash!

Advantages Of Playing With Windows Mobile

While Windows phones have yet to join the ranks of iPhones and Android-based devices, players can still take advantage of the numerous features this operating system offers. Being the primary OS on the majority of laptops and computers, Windows is pushing hard to activate more users on its mobile platform too. Here are a few reasons behind the vast number of people switching to Windows mobile.

Searching For Quality Sites & Apps

As Windows continues to expand its user base in Canada, more and more online casinos are starting to pay close attention to creating apps for it. Besides casino apps, this platform fully integrates with several major casinos online to provide an enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience.

With stunning graphics and flawless gameplay, this operating system is one that we've relied on for decades on our computers, so why not our mobile devices too? For suggestions on where you can find the best mobile casinos or any other online gambling advice, has you covered with the latest information for Canadian players.

Discover casino online games from your Windows Phone!

Windows Phone FAQ

Most casinos that allow mobile play should work on your Windows Phone. You can find and download mobile casino apps through the Windows Phone Marketplace or you can search for your favourite casino online websites via the browser. Whether you want to play on an app or on a mobile site, you will be able to do so on your Windows Phone or Surface tablet. as long as the site and app are optimized for the device.
All models of Windows Phones are capable of app downloads and online browsing. These phones are even capable of connecting to a monitor if you want to play on a mobile casino app but still have a computer-like experience with a Windows Phone. Nexus, Lumia, and Nokia models are all capable of running the apps and browser necessary to gamble on your phone.
You have the option of playing in a mobile casino via apps or through a site on a Windows Phone. The Marketplace has less variety in comparison to other app stores, but you will still find many options. If you want more variety, you can easily play games through your phone's browser, as long as the casino online is configured to cater to your phone.
It's surprisingly easy to find the best sites, because everyone's shouting about them. Depending on what games you want to play, some sites will be better than others, have more variety, and offer better bonuses. We have collated a list of recommended mobile sites you can browse for guidance. These are fully analyzed and verified sites that you can trust, your Canadian Dollars will be safe whilst you concentrate on trying to win those real cash jackpots.
Windows Phones have several options available for players who would like to play casino online games on an app on their device. You can also check out our recommended casino apps for suggestions and reviews of the latest games.
The best games are the ones you enjoy! Windows Phones allow users to easily play games on mobile sites, so the options are limitless. No matter what game you prefer, you should be able to find an online mobile site that offers it. Whether you want to play the slots, blackjack, keno, roulette, or poker, you'll find plenty of exciting games with quality graphics available for your phone.
The Windows Phone has less variety in comparison to the Google Play and Apple App stores. However, users can play in a Windows Phone casino online via their browser if they do not find an app that fits their needs. The phone itself offer users an excellent screen to enhance their playing experience. As long as a casino online site is optimized for mobile usage, you should be able to play games on it.