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Canadian Dollars

The majority of online casinos out there accept a variety of international currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, and even British Pounds. The Canadian Dollar, however, still seems to be underrepresented, regardless of the fact that there is an increasing number of players registering at online casinos with Canadian addresses.

On the flip side, when you frequent a casino online that specifically caters to the Canadian market, you're in luck. We've vetted all the top online casinos in Canada that are geared towards the Great North and want to attract Canadian players. This page provides all the information you need on:


Why Play in Your Native Currency?

Another common issue when playing in another currency is that you may value your bets incorrectly.

If you're living in Canada and want to gamble online, there are a lot of advantages of using your local money as your main gambling currency. To start with, you don't have to worry about exchange rates. When you're spinning the wheel at your preferred casino online, the last thing you want is take your mind off the game and worry about calculating what your bet is coming out to and what your potential winnings can be. This adds a layer of uncertainly and may cause you to make costly mistakes. When it comes to betting, even the smallest alteration of bet size could ruin your system and that's most certainly something to avoid.

Furthermore, if there is a significant decrease in the value of the Canadian Dollar in between the time that you deposited the real money in your online casino account and the time that you make a withdrawal, this could seriously compromise your winnings. This is a real risk that's associated with not having access to a casino that allows you to gamble in Canadian Dollars.

What to Look Out For

If you're searching for for a Canadian casino to play at online, you have to realize that not all local casinos are created equal. Some may offer you ridiculously large sign-up bonuses, but hold on to your winnings for weeks without responding. Others may not provide the funding and withdrawal methods that you want to use. In order to have an enjoyable time gambling online, you should look out for the follow aspects in a site:

Transaction Methods
Transaction Methods

It's essential to ensure that your preferred casino online not only supports local currency, but has ample transaction methods so you can easily deposit funds or withdraw winnings instantly. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to use your preferred banking method at a casino online. A quality casino will have several options that you can use for financial transactions and will process payment information securely. This way your financial details are kept away from unauthorized access.

Welcome Bonuses
Attractive Welcome Bonuses

Verify that all of the promotional opportunities that the casino online provides are legitimate. Even though some casinos offer attractive bonuses, you want to make sure that they are available if you use Canadian Dollars. This is absolutely essential because the last thing you want is to pick a Canadian Dollar online casino to make a deposit at, only to find out that the bonus isn't available. Also check on how much real money you have to spend out of pocket to qualify for the bonus.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Customer support is the cornerstone of a reputable casino. Playing your favourite casino game online can certainly be exciting, but at the same time, if things go south, you may feel like you've been left out to dry. At times like these, you want to be able to pick the phone up or chat online with a casino representative who can solve your issues, whether they're related to sluggish payout processing, a problem with funding your account, or any other casino-related problems.

Only Play at Reputable Establishments

We understand that picking the best Canadian Dollar casino online is definitely not a walk in the park. In order to spare you the hassle of having to do it on your own, we've put the best Canadian Dollar online casinos that support your native currency under a microscope.

These casinos are safe to play at since they're eCOGRA certified. In addition, they're known for quick payouts so you get your cash when you want it. Lastly, these establishments treat customers like royalty and provide convenient payment systems ranging from MasterCard to Visa, and InstaDebit to eChecks.

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Canadian Dollars FAQ

While the Canadian Dollar (C$) is underrepresented in the online casino industry, a fair amount of sites still provide you and other players the opportunity to play in Canadian Dollars.
As a Canadian player, when you play at a Canadian Dollar Casino you can deposit, gamble and cash out all in your regular money - without any inconvenience. You can also put your mind to rest about exchange rates and currency fluctuations. All in all, you can purely enjoy yourself and make some winnings while you're at it.
Although you do not need to actively avoid USD sites, you do limit your gambling experience when you play at a casino online that does not accept C$. Making a regular deposit becomes a nightmare and you're at risk of being charged a lousy exchange rate. Not to mention, if the value of C$ falls between the time of your deposit and when you cash out, you're likely to lose out on a certain portion of your winnings. Plus, since you're not overly familiar with the value of a foreign currency such as USD, it is very easy to over/under bet. Eventually, the choice is yours to make - but why would you not want to gamble in your own home currency?
Each payment method has its own policy for supporting a particular currency. Several payment methods support transactions of C$ between players and online casinos. You can choose between credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, eWallets like PayPal and Skrill and even services like Click2Pay, InstaDebit and UKash.
If you're playing at a premium Canadian-friendly casino, apart from bonuses and promotional offers being presented in C$, your winnings are also displayed in C$.