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Nothing beats the satisfaction of winning a hand of blackjack. The classic casino game, also known more simply as Twenty-One, is one of the simplest and most addictive games. The premise is straightforward, get as close to 21 one as possible without going over. With a mix of luck and some strategy, this game has become hugely popular in all corners of the globe.

What's exciting though is it's just as easy to make money when playing blackjack! With the prevalence of casino online gaming, playing Blackjack at home is as easy as pressing a button. On this page, we will cover the following aspects of blackjack:


A Brief History of Blackjack

The game of Twenty-One is said to have originated in France and Spain. Blackjack has come in many iterations, but was originally known as Ventiuna (Spanish for twenty-one). Largely similar to the version we play now, except for the exclusion of eights & nines.

Regardless of its history, twenty-one is known to have changed its name to "Blackjack" when Nevada casinos were attempting to draw a bigger audience for the game. The name stuck but the original bonus of ten-to-one was reduced. Getting dealt a blackjack, the best hand possible in the game, is still an automatically winning hand with an extra prize.

A Quick Look at The Major Points

Blackjack is an easy game to play, which is one of the reasons it's so widespread. Quite simply, the player wants to get as close to twenty-one as possible without going over. All numerical cards represent their respective values while face cards represent tens with the exception of the ace, which can be valued as one or eleven. Additionally, the user plays against the dealer who is also trying to get as close to twenty-one as possible without going over. The player must beat the dealer, achieving a better hand in order to win money. Let's take a quick glance at what the game entails.

  • bust
    If the player draws a card that makes the total hand go above 21, the hand is a bust.
  • compares final total
    If you nor the dealer busted, the dealer compares his final total to what you have.
  • player wins
    If the player's total is higher than the dealer's, the player wins and is paid the entire amount he placed for the bet.
  • push
    If nothing happens, this is referred to as a push. Chips stay within the betting circle and can be played in the next hand.
  • How To Play Like A Champion

    Before the action begins, each player places their bets into a "betting box." The dealer then hands out two face up cards to each player. Between one to seven players can play against the dealer at a time. The dealer is given one face up card and one facedown card. To learn the game step by step, here is a brief explanation.

    two cards
    Dealer and player get two cards each. One of the dealer's card is face up, the other is face down, as are the player's.
    takes the money
    Any first two cards with an Ace and 10 or a face card is a "Blackjack". This immediately stops the game and the winner with a "Blackjack" takes the money.
    If neither have a Blackjack, the player asks the dealer to "hit", which means that the player is dealt more cards.
    over 21 bust
    If the player goes over 21, it's a bust. If not, the player continues to play.

    Players have five options available to them. They can "stand," "hit," "double-down," "split," or buy "insurance." Standing is to not draw any more cards than already dealt, whereas taking a hit is to draw another card in order to get closer to twenty-one. Doubling down is when the player decides to double their bet and receives only one more additional card. Some casinos limit the ability of doubling down to when a player has received a ten or an eleven, other casinos allow players to double-down whenever the player chooses. Splitting occurs when the player is dealt two similar cards, the hand can then be "split."

    Casinos offered bonuses to players whose hands were a black jack and an ace of spades, hence the name "Blackjack."

    After the players have considered their options and gone through their respective actions, the dealer plays their hand according to a set of rules governed by the casino. Generally the dealer must draw cards until they achieve a seventeen or more, at which point they will no longer continue to take cards. At some casino online sites, a dealer is obligated to draw a card on a "soft" seventeen. This is a hand in which an ace is generally in play with a six, as the hand can be counted as either seventeen or seven as aces can be played as either having a value of one or eleven.

    Choosing Your Style

    With the rise of internet gambling, there are numerous opportunities to play online casino blackjack for free and for actual money, along with playing with a live dealer online. There are real pros and cons to playing with and without dollars at stake, whether it's American or European roulette.. A consideration of each option is important in making the correction decision for the player. On top of that, the introduction of live dealer casinos has added another exciting twist to gambling online. Now, players can see a real dealer on screen to emulate the brick and mortar casino experience. Let's take a look at how these options compare to each other.

    Playing For Free
    Playing For Free

    Playing for free will help the player perfect their strategy. The more the player practices, the easier it gets to hone their strategy and begin to follow it without notes or resources. Additionally, without the stress and pressure of a live dealer, the player can also play at their leisure.

    Players can either quickly run hundreds of hands per hour or thoughtfully mull on each hand. Playing for free gives the player time to experiment with different rule sets. Without the pressure of playing for cash, people can practice without a loss to their profits.

    Real Money Play
    Real Money Play

    When playing with actual money, there are higher stakes, adding to the excitement. No longer are you playing for arbitrary amounts, but you are instead wagering real Canadian Dollars. There's a sense of adventure, when playing with real cash, that just isn't found in free play.

    The roller coaster of emotion that players go through reaches its peak when the player wins a blackjack. There is an intense feeling of relief and joy at hitting it big. There is also the real satisfaction of having earned money through using skill that doesn't occur when playing for free.

    Live Dealer Blackjack
    Live Dealer Blackjack

    If you really want to up the excitement, live dealer blackjack is the way to go. Speed lovers will realize that this variant is a bit slower than the regular version. However, it's all for good reason. Rather than sitting in a public lobby playing the game, you're attended to on a personal basis.

    In addition, rather than relying on RNG software, you interact with the dealer if you have any questions or comments. You also get to be in the presence of other gamblers just like yourself, creating a new level of camaraderie, just like in a casino in Ontario or Vegas.


    • Bankroll - The amount of money the player comes to the table with.
    • Betting Limits - The amount of money that can be bet per hand. Each table will have its own betting limit. For example at a $10/$20 table, the player must bet at least $10 but no more than $20.
    • Bust card - The card that brings the player's hand over twenty-one is the "bust-card."
    • Head to Head - When the dealer and the player are the only two at the table and they play against each other as sole opponents.
    • Face Card - A jack, king or queen in a deck of cards.
    • High Roller - A player that gambles at high stakes, also often called a "whale."
    • Soft hand - A hand in which the ace is used as eleven points. In blackjack an ace can be used either as one point or eleven.
    • Stiff hand - A hand in which if hit, can be busted. For example, a hand between 12 and 16 if dealt another card could potentially go over the twenty-one limit, thus these are stiff hands.
    • Natural - When the player receives a hand that equals twenty-one with only two cards, also known as a blackjack, or natural twenty-one.
    • Push - When the dealer's hand equals the hand of the player, it is considered a "push." No money is exchanged between the dealer and the player. However, a natural blackjack beats any hand that is also not a natural blackjack. So, if the dealer has a natural blackjack and the player has achieved a twenty-one, the dealer still wins and there is no push. The dealer will take the player's bet.
    • Upcard - The card that the dealer is showing to players.

    Additional Strategies Used In The Card Game

    While we've given you a lot of information on how to play blackjack, the game has so many facets that you can really never learn "enough" strategies. From understanding when to hit or stand, to knowing that you should double down on 11, split aces and 8s, and stand on anything greater than 17. We've complied an extensive and comprehensive list of blackjack strategies that can help you on your way to making it big. Whether you're just a casual home-based player or you've made plenty of trips to the blackjack casino online, these blackjack tips are going to help you master the game further.

    Tips From Professional Players

    Try to hone your skills for free and have a game plan to follow each time you play. Here are some tips straight from the horse's mouth, rather, professional blackjack players who have been playing the game for decades.

    Choosing The Right Casino To Play At

    Right Casino

    Due to its immense popularity across the world, blackjack is a staple at almost every casino online. While this may seem like it works in the gambler's favour, it isn't always so. As a responsible casino player, you have to ensure that you only play at the most qualified blackjack online casino sites on the web.

    You should make sure you spend your time and Canadian Dollars at licensed gambling establishments, such as the ones we have presented on our list. We have gone through an extensive process of analyzing each blackjack casino online to assure players from Canada that it provides a safe environment to play in.

    Test your skills against the dealer with online blackjack!

    Blackjack FAQ

    Playing for real cash in blackjack online casinos is easy. The player must first deposit money into the online gambling website, once the funds are transferred over, the player can access those funds to start playing with. The player can then put bets on their hands, dependent on the amount of funds in their account.
    Don't forget that blackjack is a fun-filled game and you'll do better at it when you're enjoying the game. With that said, it definitely won't hurt if you memorize the rules of the game. In addition, besides following strategies, make sure you check out the casino's rules as some casinos conduct their blackjack games with different guidelines. Understanding these will help you win.
    Casino online blackjack can most certainly yield real money for players. By adhering to a sound blackjack strategy, players can gain an almost fifty-fifty percent of winning. With additional resources such as card counting, players can gain a slight edge and make the game even more profitable.
    The amount of decks used in an online game of blackjack varies from casino to casino. Usually between six to eight decks are used, however for some games such as European Gold Blackjack, fewer decks are in play. The amount of decks used in game impacts the odds in game, so make sure you know how many are being used in the game before the bets are called.
    Yes, all major online casinos in Canada are certified and licensed by established gambling authorities. These authorities perform a wide range of tests and checks to ensure that each casino game is unbiased, leaving players free to enjoy their favourite games without encountering any foul play.
    Since all the casinos listed at are licensed, there is no chance of a game being rigged. The results of each round are based solely on the player's luck. We ensure that we closely review everyone on our list for performance, payout speed, and game fairness. Only then do they get approved to be on the list.