Save Money & Play for Free at Online Casinos

Whether you want to play casino games just for fun or to hone your gaming skills, free play lets you take the risk out of your experience while enjoying your favourite titles. With free gaming, you're not compelled to make real money deposits to enjoy the casino titles that you cherish.

Free games build up a new gambler's knowledge on how to play and what to look out for. They also boost a player's confidence before they can go ahead and create a real money account. Read on to discover even more perks of free play, we'll cover:

  • Why online casinos offer free play alternatives
  • The numerous advantages of playing with no strings attached
  • How you can hone your skills when playing free casino online games
Quick Facts
  • Canadians gamble C$4 billion a year real cash online - no-one knows how much play money is wagered
  • 85 countries have legalized internet gambling, allowing more free play games to be included in casinos
  • From 2005 - 2009, online slots play increased a massive 328%, partly due to free trial versions

Why Offer Free Alternatives

Free casino games allow gamblers to become accustomed to the patterns, strategies, techniques, and bonus features of the title.

The finest casinos online understand the different needs of each gambler and offer free play alternatives. Many sites carry an array of free casino games from slots to blackjack and roulette to poker. Their aim is to attract new players and create loyal members. Whether gamblers prefer to play free games for fun, for learning gaming basics, or for experimenting with new gaming strategies, it is a personal choice.

Free play is similar in every aspect to real money games, except for the real money factor. Since you don't have to deposit a single cent, you can't win any real money either. However, players can enjoy the same quality and gameplay as real money games. Moreover, you can also learn about which betting limits you are comfortable with before switching to the real deal.

Why Play With Play Money?

It might seem pointless playing casino online games with play money rather than real money, since you won't take home any winnings. However, they're are beneficial to both seasoned gamblers as well as novices who are taking their first steps into gaming online.

Ample Practice

Practice makes perfect, and this saying couldn't be truer at an online casino that gives users the ability to play for free. Veteran players can master the tricks of gambling, while novices can enjoy getting acquainted with the rules and techniques of different casino games. Gambling pros can experiment with different gaming strategies that they might have thought of during real money play. In both cases, players don't have to worry about any monetary loss in case they make a bad move.

No Download
No Download Required

It is preferable to avoid the hassle of downloading casino software when playing for free. Many top online casinos offer free instant play options, you can simply play while in your browser through the Adobe Flash plug-in. Select a free game to play, make no deposit, wait for it to load, and you're all ready to play! This negates the hassle of having to download software and install it to get a free peek at your favourite game.

Playing For Fun

Gambling isn't just about playing for real money and winning, it's about entertainment. Since casino online games are fun to play, people keep coming back to play more, they're meant to provide you with breaks from your normal routine. Free games at online casinos let you enjoy some quick gaming and pass the time without risking real Canadian Dollars. Once you develop your skills you can always play with real money.

Enhance Your Skills without Spending Money

Free online casinos are a great way to test the waters when gambling online. Players who are unfamiliar with internet gambling, and/or are transitioning from gambling at land-based casinos to their online counterparts, should take advantage of the free games offered. These games allow gamblers to hone their skills and can help you with many things, including:

Searching for the Ultimate Free Collection

At, we have compiled the most qualified online casinos that offer free play to gamblers without any deposit requirements. You can enjoy hours of free gaming without worrying about losing any real money.

Once you are ready to try out your luck, you can make real money wagers at our recommended real money casino online sites that carry the widest selection of games, whilst ensuring each and every one is fair to players.

Enjoy your favourite casino games for free!

Free Games FAQ

Many internet casinos that offer free games to players usually have a link to the free games section on the homepage. In case you prefer to avoid the hassle of searching for free games from the top online casinos, you can refer to our list of recommended casinos that offer free play modes of popular games. The majority of quality casinos online will offer players the ability to play popular titles free of charge.
Almost all popular games have a Free Play mode, allowing you to try out the titles to get a feel before you play for real cash. You can find free versions of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, keno, craps, and online slots without much trouble. Famous online slots affiliated with movies or other pop culture icons can also be played free of charge.
Free games give players a chance to experiment before playing with real money, they're similar in terms of rules, wagers, and gameplay. While playing for free you will become familiar with what to expect when you play the game using Canadian Dollars. The single differentiating factor between the two versions is that you don't win real cash in free play.
Slot games are the most popular games offered to players in Canada who want to experience gaming without spending a cent. Roulette, blackjack, and poker, amongst others, also feature as free play options. At the end of the day, every casino game has its own fan following, so all games are in great demand. Therefore, a casino online will usually have a free version of most games available to players.
In order to play free casino online games in Canada, you don't need to register or sign up for an account online. You can simply start playing free games without the hassle of spending time providing your information. When you've developed your skills and want to play for real money, you have to create an account by giving your personal and financial details.
Similar to real cash games, you can enjoy free games on your mobile devices. With the mobile version of free online casinos, gamblers can place wagers easily from their smartphones or tablets in the free play mode. Whether you choose to download an app, or to enjoy the game straight from the browser of your mobile device, you can play for free either way.