Casino Online Banking with Skrill

As one of the biggest e-Wallets in the word, it's no surprise that casino online players are flocking to their doors to make their payments. Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill is now taking the world by storm.

Skrill continues to offer incredibly easy casino online transactions to players across the world, making them a favourite for many Canadian gambling enthusiasts. Read on to discover:

  • When Skrill began to be widely used as a payment tool
  • How gamblers can benefit from using Skrill
  • How to spot a quality Skrill casino online
Quick Facts
  • Based in London, Skrill has clients in over 40 countries.
  • Bets can be managed and winnings can be cashed out in one digital wallet.
  • Skrill has more than 25 million users across the world.

Where It All Began

Skrill places huge importance on customer security, so your money is as safe as it's ever going to be.

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill was launched back in 2001 and it had the intention of making the process of sending money easier by using your email address accompanied with a password. Ten years later, the platform is used and trusted by more than 36 million members and it has been a force to be reckoned with in the realm online transactions.

Casinos online which allow players to pay with Skrill have gained a lot of popularity across the world. However, finding a reputable mobile casino offering Skrill payments might be challenging for Canadians because Skrill is not an option for them anymore. There is also an incredibly skilled and professional fraud-prevention team, which keeps an eye on all forms of transactions.

Funding Your Casino Online Account

Players only need a working email address as well as a strong password in order to open an account with Skrill. There is no charge to open an account and you can put all of the relevant information together afterwards. By linking your debit and credit cards as well as your bank account, you have a wide range of options when it comes to online payment. Being a worldwide payment platform, it supports over 40 currencies. Using Skrill is going to ensure that cashing out isn't a hassle and you can quickly move your funds to your account. Here are the steps to perform transactions at Skrill online casinos.

Skrill account
Make sure you have created an account at Skrill and deposited funds in the e-wallet
Cashier section
Go to the Cashier section and select Skrill as your payment method
Enter your credentials
Enter your credentials correctly to ensure that funds are processed
Deposit or withdraw
Deposit or withdraw your Canadian Dollars to or from your bank account or payment method

Competitive Advantages For Players

Skrill offers highly competitive rates to players who want to deposit or withdraw their Canadian Dollars from casinos. In addition, money transactions are performed with casinos online without transmitting any specific details of your credit card. Best of all, it's highly convenient to open a Skrill account because it only takes minutes to do so.

  • accepted
    Can be used in the majority of countries for gambling or regular retail transactions
  • opened
    Account can be opened simply with a username and password
  • safe
    Credit card and bank information remain safe from prying eyes
  • Nominal fee
    Nominal fee charges when using at an casino online
  • Note To Local Gamblers: Canadian gamblers can no longer use Skrill as an option to make deposits to or withdrawals from online casinos. If you're interested in finding other ways to deposit real money in Canadian casinos, use other options such as InstaDebit, eCheck, or methods written on our Payment page.

    Finding Qualified Casino Sites Online

    While Skrill is no longer an option for players in Canada, when it was, we went through an extensive process of evaluating the best and most qualified online casinos that accepted this form of payment. Our team managed to assess each and every casino by stacking them up against a plethora of benchmarks in order to ensure that the handpicked few are the ones to look forward to.

    Even though you can't use Skrill for deposits in Canada anymore, we invite you to review the several other payments that can be used to continue your gambling journey towards winning big money.

    Start your real money play with Skrill!

    Skrill FAQ

    You have to start by adding funds to your Skrill account through either your credit/debit card or your bank account. Keep in mind that there are minor fees if you use any card (credit or debit) to add money to your Skrill account. Once funds are transferred, you can use them to send to your casino online to top up your bankroll. With more than 41 currencies accepted, Skrill can easily process conversions if required. When you cash out your winnings, there is a small fee of around $5 CAD that you have to pay for every withdrawal from your bank.
    Using Skrill online casinos is a great way to safeguard your financial and personal information. These deposits do not transmit bank account or card information to the casino. Also, there's instant access to your funds when depositing with Skrill and withdrawals are supposed to be instantaneous too.
    It takes minutes to sign up and become a member. To open an account, visit their website and fill out the form that requires details such as credit or debit card info, bank account info, your name, birth date, address, and other vital information. After Skrill goes through its quick verification process, your account is activated and you can begin funding your casino bankroll. You can fund your account through your bank, as long as you have sufficient funds.
    Skrill currently does not allow players in Canada to make payments to online gambling sites through its platform. Non-Canadians can still continue to use Skrill online casinos and have nothing to worry about. However, there are several other methods that locals can easily use to deposit real cash to their casino.
    Skrill is a premier payment platform that's accepted by most online gambling websites across the world. Chances are that if an online casino is licensed to legally operate in its jurisdiction, it will accept deposits from this method. In addition, you will also be able to withdraw money from your casino account to your Skrill account in a relatively short time frame.
    Initially known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an effective payment platform that was created to process online gambling transactions. So the creators have ample knowledge of the gambling industry and how hackers or miscreants can try to access sensitive user information. Therefore, Skrill uses the latest encryption technology to keep all proprietary information safe from prying eyes. Besides that, personal information and bank or card details always remain private when payments are processed at online casinos.
    Joining Skrill is free of charge, but account holders may have to pay a small fee when money is being deposited to or withdrawn from their Skrill account. It's also free to replenish your account by adding money to it from your bank account, however, you will be charged around $5 CAD when withdrawing money to your bank account. Some online casinos also charge a "cash advance fee", so check with your casino if it will place this charge.
    Cashing out is simple. You choose "Skrill" from the Cashier menu and enter the amount you'd like to withdraw to your Skrill account. Then there is a short waiting period, after which the transaction is complete. Most major casinos promise instant Skrill withdrawals, so be weary of any casino that takes longer to let you cash out your winnings.