Enjoy the Thrill of Online European Blackjack Gold

European Blackjack Gold

There's excitement, and then there's online casino excitement. The game of European Blackjack Gold offers the latter. It has all the intensity and pleasure of regular Blackjack plus more. The rules of the game are simple, get as near to 21 without going over and defeat the dealer.

Players play against the dealer in each hand and like the dealer, are initially dealt two cards. The players are then able to make decisions as to how many cards they'd like to be dealt and if they'd like to stay with the hand they were dealt. Then the showdown begins. Money is lost, but real cash can also be won! Here is what you can expect to learn on the following page.


A Walk Down Blackjack Memory Lane

The original game of twenty-one, Blackjack's ancestor, is said to have come from France and Spain although the game was prevalent throughout many countries and came in many different forms. American casinos defined Blackjack, as it is known today, as the early casinos in Nevada attempted to gain a larger following for the game. In order to do so, the gaming establishments offered additional prize money to players whose hands consisted of a black jack and an ace, or a "Blackjack." Being dealt a Blackjack is considered to be the best possible hand in the game and the player automatically wins the hand.

The definition of a Blackjack has also expanded to any ace coupled with any face card or a ten. European Blackjack Gold has become a popular addition to the classic version. With a few tweaks to the game, the European Gold version is making its way across the world and is particularly exciting for players who are looking for a new twist on the traditional game of Blackjack. Here are some important Blackjack dates to remember.

European Blackjack Poker - A Quick Overview

The structure of Blackjack is simple. All players want to reach twenty-one without going over along with beating the dealer. Every card represents its numerical value with face cards - kings, queens, and jacks, being valued as tens. The ace, however, can be used as either a one or an eleven. We often find that casino online games have their individual perks, and this one is no different. Bear in mind some of the more important aspects of European Blackjack Gold before you start playing:

  • hands of 17
    Dealers have to stand on all hands of 17, which makes this variant a bit different from the regular version
  • special side bet
    While the payouts of the game remain the same as regular Blackjack, a special side bet can be placed
  • auto play
    This variant has an auto play option in which players can select their bet amounts and the amount of hands they want to play
  • Bets range
    Bets range typically from $1 to $200, which is slightly different from regular Blackjack
  • A Variation on an Original

    European Blackjack Gold is in many ways similar to normal Blackjack but has a few expanded rules for more exciting play.

    In this variant of Blackjack, the deck used is only composed of two decks of 52 cards, 104 cards total. In addition, dealers will stand on seventeens, whether soft or not, but the payouts are the same as traditional Blackjack. There is also a side bet that can be placed on whether the player's hand will be higher than thirteen, lower than thirteen or exactly thirteen.

    The superior graphics and design, along with the game's strongest feature - the ability to auto play, creates a brilliant alternative to regular Blackjack. Using this option, the player can choose their bet and the number of hands they would like to play. These hands are then played automatically using basic Blackjack strategy. The game sizes range from $1 to $200 per game, this range of bets makes the game particularly appealing to new players, intermediate players, and high rollers alike.

    Master European Blackjack Gold in No Time

    You may already have the steps and strategy of regular Blackjack under your belt, but this version plays a little differently. Follow these simple steps to playing this thrilling casino online game, there's nothing to it!

    two cards to each player
    The dealer hands out two cards to each player and to himself. One of the dealer's cards is face up, while the other is face down. All cards given to players are face up.
    stand on all 17s
    The dealer is not allowed to peek and has to stand on all 17s. Players can double down only when the two first cards have a sum of 9, 10, or 11.
    If neither party has a Blackjack, the player can ask the dealer to hit and continue with the game.
    one card at a time
    The player draws one card at a time and chooses to place a bet accordingly. If the sum of the player's cards is over 21 at any point, it's a bust.

    Standing, the first option amongst the five, is to not take any additional cards from the dealer. Players often choose to stand when they have a high value hand or a hand close to twenty-one. For example, a player with two tens, equaling twenty, is very likely to stand as the majority of cards that might be dealt to him will make him go over the twenty-one limit. If you're still unclear about the steps involved in European Blackjack Gold, here is a pictorial representation.

    Hitting has the player dealt an additional card. This card allows the player to possibly get closer to or achieve twenty-one. Doubling-down is to double the bet already placed and to receive an additional card to the hand. Some casinos limit the ability to double down whereas other establishments let players double down whenever the player wants. Splitting is when a player is dealt two of the same ranked cards and decides to split the cards into two new hands.


    • Blackjack - Also called a natural, this is a hand that contains both an ace and a card valued at 10.
    • Bust - Having a hand that exceeds twenty-one is called busting. A busted hand is a hand that automatically loses.
    • Card Counter - Also known as a card reader, these players adhere to mathematical systems that keep track of high value cards and attempt to capitalize on a decks' probability of delivering high value cards.
    • Favourable Deck - Part of a card counter's lingo, this term refers to a deck of cards that have a favourable amount of high value cards in it.
    • First Baseman - The player who is first to act and sits to the dealer's left is the first baseman.
    • Flat Bet - Betting the same amount each and every time regardless of the card count is considered flat betting.
    • Hard Total - A hand in which there is no ace, as aces can count as either ones or elevens, is considered to have a hard total.
    • High Roller - A player who wagers a large amount of money is a high roller, they are also known as whales.
    • Hole Card - The dealer's unexposed card is the hole card.
    • Penetration - The amount of cards the dealer hands out before shuffling is considered the deck penetration.
    • Push - A tie between dealer and player is a push. There is no loss or gain for either party when a push occurs.

    Pro Tips for Players Of All Levels

    This page wouldn't be complete if we didn't give you some insider tips on how to perform better at European Blackjack Gold. Here's some advice you can use to your advantage the next time you're playing at a casino online.

    Take Your Play Online

    Play Online

    Now that you have a fair idea of how the game works, it's time to go try your skills and luck at a licensed European Blackjack Gold casino online in Canada. Just keep in mind that it is slightly different to regular Blackjack, in that dealers have to stand on a soft 17 and the game is only played with 2 decks. However, this variation adds a new level of excitement for those who haven't played it before.

    With that said, you can browse through our list of hand-picked, top local casinos that provide this game to players across the nation. All you have to do is click on the casino of your choice and sign up to start playing today.

    Experience European Blackjack Gold today!

    European Blackjack FAQ

    European Blackjack Gold plays very similar to regular Blackjack. Players bet on hands dealt by the dealer, who represents the casino, and try to get as close to twenty-one as possible. Players can still stand, hit, double down, or buy insurance. The rest of the strategies to do well at this version remain the same as in the original.
    While the European version of this game is quite similar to the original, there are some slight variations that players should be aware of. First of all instead of multiple decks, there are only two decks used. European Blackjack Gold rules demand that dealers stand on soft seventeen and there is also an auto play option that allows players to run through multiple hands at a time. In addition, there are some specific rules that vary from casino to casino about when the player can double down.
    There are hundreds of European Blackjack Gold online casinos and many differ in the incentives and prizes that they give to their players. There are some key things to look for when choosing a casino online such as welcome bonuses, promo offers, and game options. The sites listed here at CasinoOnline.ca are particularly well regarded in terms of giving the best rewards for players.
    Sadly some online casinos do use slow playing techniques or flawed software to cheat players out of their money. This is why it is particularly important to play at accredited sites that are properly licensed. These sites have been vetted by the online gambling community along with being licensed by gambling authorities that ensure the safety of the player. Amongst casinos that have been vetted though, the odds of winning Canadian Dollar prizes are the same.
    While European Blackjack Gold is a new expansion on the rules of traditional Blackjack, it is gaining steam. This is especially true in the world of online gambling with features such as auto play, standing on soft seventeens and more. These added incentives entice hordes of players and the game continues to grow.
    To put it shortly, yes. Just like in normal Blackjack, there are methods such as basic theory to help you win at European Blackjack Gold. With a limited number of decks in play, strategies such as card counting can become more useful. In addition, the auto play action allows players to hone their strategy and develop systems themselves to maximize real cash profit. In general, always split aces and never split tens.
    European Blackjack Gold is available for both Apple and Android devices. However, some of the play experience might not be as sharp compared to being played on a computer. Developers are working hard to optimize the graphics and to deal with any other software issues. In the meantime, the game can be downloaded or played straight from the website.
    The beauty of this variation of Blackjack is that you'll find several casinos that give you the option to play for free. So if you think you could use a few minutes to understand this version better, you can always opt to play for free. Of course, you can't expect to take any real money home until you start betting for real.
    As long as you're playing online with an accredited gambling site that has been vetted by Canadian gambling authorities, the player is safe. Casinos have an interest in developing legal safeguards for their players to keep them coming back to play. All the casinos listed here are licensed properly by established gambling authorities.