Top Canadian BlackBerry Casinos

With one of the first smartphones in the market, BlackBerry was once one of the top smartphone manufacturers, peaking in 2013 with 85 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide. Many people loved the tactile keyboard and BBM messenger, and even with Android and iPhone taking the market by storm, BlackBerry continues to serve 23 million subscribers.

While the online gambling scene isn't as prevalent with BlackBerry, the company simply can't deny the privilege of mobile gambling to its millions of users. On this page, we intend to familiarize you with the following aspects of BlackBerry casino online gambling:

  • What made BlackBerry into a driving force of innovation & security
  • How players from Canada can access premier Blackberry online casinos
  • How to set up your device to download apps or play at a casino online
Quick Facts
  • Canada is among the top 5 countries that use BlackBerry devices
  • More than 68% of BlackBerry device owners consist of phone users
  • BlackBerry currently has around 12% of market share in Canada

The Phone Manufacturer's Rise to Fame

Realizing the fantastic opportunity in gambling online, BlackBerry continues to improve its capabilities to better accommodate players.

In recent years, BlackBerry has updated their phones to match the style of other more popular smartphones, including features like full touchscreens and various operating systems. This transition coincided with the growth of online mobile casino play on BlackBerry phones, since users now have a full touchscreen instead of relying on a small keyboard.

The BlackBerry World app store has a wide selection of online casinos, and players who own models such as the BlackBerry Priv can run the Android operating system and download mobile casinos via the Google Play app store.

Play via Your BlackBerry Device

Depending on the model and operating system of your BlackBerry, you can either download mobile casino apps from BlackBerry World or Android's Google Play store. (For detailed information on how to download and play games on from the Google Play store, visit our page for Android mobile casinos.) It's easy to start playing at mobile casinos from the BlackBerry World app store. As long as you have created an account with BlackBerry and have entered payment information to purchase software or gaming apps from the store, you can easily download most casino apps to your phone. Here is a step by step brief on how to go about it:

Download BlackBerry
Download BlackBerry World to your phone or PC.
app store
Browse the app store and find the Canadian casino online you wish to download.
To do this, click the icon and select "options" to start the download process.
If the app is not free, you will need to pay for it via mobile contract, credit card, or PayPal.
Tap the app's icon on your home screen to open the mobile casino.
Set up an account with the mobile casino of your choice by entering your personal and payment information.

Mobile Platform Benefits for Users

Even though you may not think of BlackBerry as the ultimate phone or tablet manufacturer, keep in mind that it was among the first on the scene. In addition, the company continues to push limits in terms of security and user accessibility. As for online gambling, users can expect the following benefits when using a BlackBerry smartphone or the Playbook.

Visit Reputable Casino Sites that Meet Your Needs

Whether you have the Playbook tablet or any other BlackBerry device, you can enjoy the advantages of mobile gambling. While it's best to check with a casino online if they accept BlackBerry players, our list of BlackBerry casinos and apps contains certified and accredited venues that welcome BB users with open arms.

Not only will they give you a large variety of games to play, but you can also expect great Canadian Dollar welcome bonuses and security of financial details. has a guide for the best mobile casinos for you to start winning real money and collect great bonuses!

Experience the best Blackberry casinos online!

BlackBerry FAQ

Yes! You can download mobile casino apps via the BlackBerry World app store or download third party apps. If your BlackBerry runs Android, then you can download apps easily from the Google Play store. You can also play at online casinos on your device's browser. Check with your casino online to ensure that it accepts BB players.
All of the current BlackBerry phones on the market should allow you to easily download and play mobile casino apps on your device. BlackBerry Priv, Dtek50, Z10, Z30, and Leap all have large multi-touch screens that provide the easiest user experience, but other models should still support the use of mobile casino apps.
Mobile casino apps are designed to give users the best experience while playing on their BlackBerry. However, it is possible to play on a website through your device's browser. Since casino applications are installed on your phone, they may provide a more integrated gaming experience compared to the web-based version.
A simple Google search will give users many options for the best mobile sites for gambling on their device. Many sites have mobile versions that allow players to easily play from their phones, we've listed a selection of the sites we believe are the best. These sites and apps have gone through multiple checks to make it on our coveted list.
Since BlackBerry allows you to download apps both from the World store as well as third party apps, players have many options. You can search online to find which sites work best for your needs and give players the best real cash bonuses. It's always good practice to check reviews on a gaming app before downloading it to your phone.
BlackBerrys allow users to download a large variety of mobile casinos that offer tons of different games that can be played enjoyably from any device. No matter what game you like, from poker to roulette to slots, there is a mobile casino that has it. Two common features of a high quality game are that it functions flawlessly on the phone and the game doesn't lag at all.
While BlackBerry is no longer the most popular smartphone worldwide, most models are now comparable to the more popular Android and iPhone models. Many BlackBerry phones will also run the Android operating system. If BlackBerry is your smartphone of choice, you don't have to feel like you are compromising on mobile casinos. There are many great options to download and enjoy!