Putting InstaDebit to Use at Casinos Online

When you register at a casino online, you're provided with a selection of payment processing methods. While each has its pros and cons, you'll surely find InstaDebit on the list. This particular method is fast, secure, and convenient.

InstaDebit is a payment processor that has been licensed by McAfee SECURED, Norton SECURED, and Trust Certified Privacy. This means that the top experts on the subject matter are going to be taking care of your transactions. In order to seamlessly use InstaDebit at top Canadian casinos, we've covered the following aspects:

  • When InstaDebit was created and its advantages for casino players
  • How to deposit and withdraw funds using InstaDebit
  • What security features it offers to keep you safe online
Quick Facts
  • InstaDebit is a highly popular method that supports various currencies such as USD, GBP, CAD, and the Euro
  • It takes around 3 business days to withdraw money from your InstaDebit casino account to your bank account
  • Each transfer from your Canadian online casino account to your bank account will cost a flat $1.50 CAD

How InstaDebit Came About

InstaDebit is a Canadian company known for working absolutely seamlessly with most banks in the country.

InstaDebit is similar to PayPal in the way it operates and that's why it's so regularly compared to the famous eWallet. Launched in 2003, InstaDebit can be considered as the absolutely secure "middle man" in your deposits and withdrawals to and from Canadian online casinos.

It is available in around 30 countries and a multitude of merchants use it to accept payments. It gives Canadian players a sense of security as they don't have to share their bank account information with the casino online. It's also by far one of the quickest methods to deposit and withdraw your real cash from the online casino. All you have to do is get your InstaDebit account up and running and you are good to go.

How Does It Work?

InstaDebit is a secure way to perform transactions when you're enjoying your time at a casino online. However, since you're spending your hard earned Canadian Dollars, it's vital to know how to use it. Cashing out winnings from the online casino is just as simple as it is to deposit. All you need to do is to register a withdrawal and specify that you want the funds to be sent to your InstaDebit account. This usually will not take more than a couple of hours, tops.

Once you've received the money in your InstaDebit wallet, you can direct it towards your bank account. The transaction is going to take a couple of days to get through. There are no fees associated with InstaDebit and depositing and withdrawing from your online casino balance. However, when you transfer real money from your InstaDebit account to your bank account, you will be subjected to a minimal transaction fee. If you want to use this method to fund or withdraw money from you casino online account, follow these steps.

create an InstaDebit account
First create an InstaDebit account. It's free and it should take no more than a couple of minutes.
Cashier section
Visit the Bank or Cashier section of your casino and select the InstaDebit option.
deposited or withdrawn amount
Select the amount to be deposited or withdrawn.
Click on Submit
Click on Submit to process the transaction.

Benefits At Your Fingertips

Besides its superior reputation in the online payment and transaction industry, InstaDebit provides a variety of advantages to gamblers in Canada. To start with, payments are performed instantly at online casinos. In addition, they are performed anonymously, so you don't have to worry about your financial information being misused. Since the amount is directly taken out of your bank account, the transaction comes with no cost attached to it. Best of all, InstaDebit is widely accepted at Canadian casinos, so you can choose any from our list and start playing today without worrying about unsecure transactions. Here are some of the benefits you'll experience when using InstaDebit:

  • privacy
    Your privacy is fully guaranteed thanks to the strong encryption software used to safeguard information.
  • funds
    Most top online casinos accept InstaDebit as a form of depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • No credit or debit card needed
    Players do not need a credit or debit card when signing up or an account online.
  • set up an account
    It takes only minutes to set up an account and deposit funds into your online casino.
  • Exploring InstaDebit Online Casinos

    Even though InstaDebit is not as popular as it used to be due to the introduction of new payment methods in the recent past, it continues to be an effective online payment solution. The sheer number of Canadian InstaDebit online casinos still makes it a viable option for local gamblers.

    Whether you're interested in playing the slots, roulette, or any other game, CasinoOnline.ca has surfed the internet to find Canadian casino sites that provide fast payouts, a wide range of games, and quality customer service. So there's absolutely no point in delaying because you can be on your way to winning big on InstaDebit casinos.

    Start experiencing the top InstaDebit casinos online

    InstaDebit FAQ

    Deposits and withdrawals are relatively simple with InstaDebit. Some online casinos give you the convenience of registering with InstaDebit and making a transaction on the same site simultaneously. However, if yours doesn't, create an account on the InstaDebit website and then enter your credentials in your online casino. InstaDebit will automatically takes money out of your account when you want to fund your bankroll. Similarly, withdrawals are processed and transferred from your casino account to your bank.
    Since most Canadians prefer hassle-free and safe casino banking, InstaDebit provides a highly useful solution for punters to fund and withdraw real money. Canada has plenty of InstaDebit casinos, so users can sit easy knowing that they have the power of InstaDebit at hand. User information is safeguarded through bank-grade security and all transactions are carried out anonymously, with only InstaDebit knowing these details.
    Signing up for InstaDebit takes minutes and it's free. You simply need to visit their site and choose the "Sign-Up" option. You will be asked to provide personal information such as address, email, and name. You will also need to give the last four digits of your social to confirm your identity. All personal details are safely guarded because InstaDebit complies with mandatory Canadian banking regulations. Once you have given your personal information and are verified, you can add bank account information such as your account number, routing number, and branch code. Finally, InstaDebit performs another round of verification with your bank by depositing a small sum of money to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the account. Once this is done, you can begin funding your account or withdraw your winnings.
    It's safe to say that the majority of Canadian Dollar online casinos accept InstaDebit for payment and withdrawal purposes. Since the company itself is located in Canada, several local casinos prefer handling transactions through it. In fact, a bulk of InstaDebit's business consists of providing gamblers the ability to perform transactions at online casinos. This e-wallet is known to be on good terms with most major online casinos in Canada.
    Due to the fact that InstaDebit is based and operated in Canada, casinos openly welcome players who want to pay and cashout through this method. Currently there are around 315 sites that accept InstaDebit for payments. You should always be weary of second-rate casinos. Therefore, it's best to rely on fully accredited and licenced casinos in Canada.
    Not only do you get instant deposits with InstaDebit, but your information is highly secure since it has strict privacy policies and you don't have to use your credit card details with it. Going through this third party processor means that payment details are handled by a regulated institution rather than an operator that is based off-shore. So you can enjoy gaming at your favourite casinos without having to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
    There are typically no fees charged to the consumer when depositing through InstaDebit, which makes it a hot contender for online casino payments in Canada. The casino will rarely charge any fees when you use InstaDebit, but the company itself may charge a minor transaction fee of $1.50 CAD when you withdraw to your bank account. These fees are even more prevalent if you decide to change between currencies or make more than one withdrawal. This is not always applicable as some casinos bear the cost of withdrawal fees.
    You can simply go to the Cashier menu at your InstaDebit online casino and begin the process of withdrawing funds through InstaDebit. This withdrawal usually takes around 24 hours to process and once the 24 hours are complete, there's usually a wait of 8 days to access the funds. Once the transaction is complete, the funds are placed directly in your bank account linked to InstaDebit.