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Multi-Ball Roulette

If you thought Roulette was an exciting and enticing, then Multi-Ball Roulette is right down your alley. Think of regular Roulette on steroids. With multiple balls being spun in the wheel in one go, the stakes are higher, but so are the winnings.

With the excitement of normal Roulette multiplied, Multi-Ball Roulette is one of the premier games at a casino online. With so many chances of winning big, it's hard to turn down this fantastic opportunity to win real money. In this page, we're going to discuss the following aspects of this fast-paced, no holds barred game.


The Game's Inception

The history of French Roulette is quite fascinating since the game was invented as a fluke by Blaise Pascal, who was trying to develop a device for a completely different reason. From Pascal's stroke of luck to the point when two Frenchmen developed the game further implementing a singular 0 style, the Roulette wheel saw plenty of changes in its lifetime.

The Americans eventually created a wheel with double zero pockets for the house along with a single zero pocket and an American eagle. The Eagle, as a representative of American Liberty, was an extra slot for the casino's advantage. Currently there are very few slots with American Eagles in them and are considered collector items with only a half dozen known wheels to exist. Multi-Ball Roulette was only recently created and is continuing to gain momentum in casinos online.

A Quick Glance at the Game

With multiple balls spinning in the Roulette wheel, the anticipation and excitement associated with this version is unmatched. While the game mostly works in the same manner regular Roulette does, more bets can be placed and hence, more real cash can be won. Let's take a look at a few important aspects of online casino Multi-Ball Roulette.

  • 3+ balls tossed
    Three or more balls are simultaneously tossed into the Roulette wheel once the bets have been placed
  • max 10 balls
    The maximum number of balls that can be used while playing this variation is 10
  • European Roulette table
    Multi-Ball Roulette is generally played on a European Roulette table
  • numbers from 1 to 36
    The Roulette wheel has numbers from 1 to 36, with only one zero pocket that's green
  • A Brief How to Guide

    Even though multi-ball roulette doesn't vary much from other versions of the classic casino game, it can seem a little intimidating when for some reason there are 10 balls spinning round the wheel at the same time. To help you get started, follow these simple gameplay steps:

    The croupier gives each player chips and bets can then be made.
    combination bets
    Chips can be placed on combination bets since there are multiple balls in play.
    spins the wheel
    Once initial bets are placed, the croupier spins the wheel. Bets can be placed until the dealer announces "no more bets".
    winning bets
    After all the balls have landed into the pockets, the croupier pays winning bets and removes losing ones.

    The payout is based on the probability of the bet and the table normally fixes maximum and minimum bets. Players can continually place bets as the ball spins around the wheel until finally the croupier announces, rien ne va plus, no more bets.

    When the balls have landed in their respective pockets, the dealer will place a dolly, a marker, on the winning numbers and begin the payout process. When the dolly has been placed down, no bets can be made and the croupier removes all the losing bets by using a rake and will then payout the remaining bets. When the bets have all been paid out, the winning chips will stay on the board for the next round of play.


    • American Roulette - A version of Roulette most popular in America. This version of the game has wheels with thirty-eight pockets from one to thirty-six, a zero, and a double-zero.
    • Block Betting - A group of numbers in one section of the wheel that are wagered on.
    • Colonne - A Column Bet, the term is derived from French. The bet pays out two to one and is placed on one of three available columns of numbers.
    • Croupier - The employee of the casino who regulates the play at the Roulette wheel. They may also be called the dealer.
    • Double Zero - The Roulette wheel is composed of separate pockets. The Double Zero, found on American style wheels, is marked with two zeros.
    • Dozen Bet - A bet that runs through one of the three groups of numbers, 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and/or 25 to 36. The payout is two to one.
    • House Edge - The mathematical advantage that the casino has which is usually expressed as a percentage. The house edge is what allows casinos to make money. On a Roulette wheel with a single zero, the edge is close to three percent.
    • Inside Bets - The Roulette wheel has an inside section on its layout, inside bets covering the numbers and groups that are located in this section. This area of the wheel is relatively small and thus the payout is high.
    • Outside Bet - Any bet placed on the exterior of the wheel, which is larger than the interior, is considered an outside bet. This bet is on specific groups, which are close to each other on the wheel but possibly be separate on the layout.
    • Pockets - The area in which one of the balls lands. On an American Roulette wheel, there are thirty-eight pockets, European style wheels have only thirty-seven. The numbers are coloured equally red and black except for the zeroes, which are green.
    • Split - A wager that covers two numbers on the layout of the Roulette table is considered a split bet. This bet is unlikely and thus has a high payout of seventeen to one normally.
    • Straight Up - A wager placed on a single number, this bet normally pays out thirty-five to one.

    A Pro-Tip For Seasoned Players: Lead In

    A popular gameplay tactic is the reverse martingale strategy. This game plan sees the player increasing their bets when they win and decreasing when they lose. This approach has the player believing that they go through streaks. During a good, hot streak the player can increase their winnings whereas during cold streaks or losses, they can limit the monetary damage. This is a wise strategy for Roulette because you don't end up losing more than you had budgeted for.

    Make Your Way to a Quality Gambling Sites

    With ten balls in play each time, the chances of winning are quite high and bets are marked with chips.

    Armed with ample knowledge on Multi-Ball Roulette, you're now in a much better position to take the game head on and survive the barrage of balls that will be thrown into the wheel once the croupier starts. Just keep in mind that playing at a credible casino online should always be your first priority. The rest comes later.

    As long as you're playing at a reputable casino online, you can rest easy knowing that your winnings will be paid on time and that the games will not be rigged. For a complete list of the best casinos in Canada that offer Multi-Ball Roulette, review the list at the top of this page and begin your journey today.

    Start enjoying Multi-Ball action now!

    Multi-Ball Roulette FAQ

    Multi Ball-Roulette works exactly the same way as regular Roulette. A bet is made, the wheel is spun, but instead of a singular ball in play to land in only one pocket, this version offers several opportunities to win, with up to ten balls used at once. Each bet has varying payouts, but the regular inside and outside bets can still be placed in this version.
    Multi-Ball Roulette is gaining ground ever since its introduction to the online casino world in the early 2000s. The game offers more chances for players to win and more ways for players to make real money. With this advantage, an increasing number of players in Canada are choosing Multi-Ball Roulette as their preferred table game. You can check your casino online to see whether it offers the game because this variation of Roulette is still relatively rare.
    Due to its complexity, and the fact that the game intimidates some players because of so many balls in the wheel, Multi-Ball Roulette's existence at a casino online is still uncommon. Only certain casinos carry the game since there aren't many gamblers who play the game regularly. However, this isn't to say that the game cannot be found at a casino online.
    The layout for casino online Multi-Ball Roulette is the same as regular Roulette and inside bets can be made along with outside bets, corner bets, and dozen bets. The main difference is that there is more than one ball in play, increasing the likelihood of the player winning. It may take time to get used to this fast-paced version, however, the level of excitement is considerably more when playing Multi-Ball Roulette.
    With multiple balls in play, the odds will differ from normal Roulette, largely dependent upon which casino you are playing at. Typically, red/black, low/high, and even/odd bets have 1 to 1 odds. A Straight Up bet has 35 to 1 odds, whereas a Split bet has 17 to 1 odds.
    The Martingale strategy is probably among the most common ones used in Roulette. The strategy tells players to double down on all their losing bets, in the anticipation that betting will eventually yield a win. While this may have worked for some, it isn't guaranteed to work for every casino online player out there and you shouldn't bet all your Canadian Dollars on it.
    A commonly used Roulette system is the Fibonacci. Is tells players to add the two prior stakes together and place a new wager worth that amount until they win. Then they go back two steps in the sequence to figure out the next bet. While this is a system used by several players at a casino online, it isn't guaranteed to work every time as Roulette is a game of chance.