Ushering In the New Era of Online Gambling

The ability to gamble online has brought Canadian players the privilege and joy of playing the ultimate casino games on a desktop or mobile device. There's no need to dress up, get in a car, and find parking at a crowded casino anymore because now, there's a table always open, a slot ready to be spun, and a seat reserved just for you. With constant changes and new updates in this niche, we've dedicated a lot of time and resources, so we can inform you about the following online gambling topics:

  • What online gambling sites offer players in Canada
  • The benefits that casino online play offers versus offline gambling
  • How to search for reputable online casinos that have your preferred games
Quick Facts
  • The mobile gambling industry is expected to be worth $100 billion in 2017
  • Studies suggest between 30-40% of women and 45-60% of men in Canada gambled online last year
  • Gambling in Canada supports over 267,000 jobs

The Offerings of Online Destinations

Besides the fact that you can sit in your pyjamas on your recliner and play, casino online sites offer so much more to players who are willing to take advantage of them. As soon as you're ready to register at a casino site, they'll spoil you with plenty of sign up bonuses, promotions, and other incentives that will have you getting excited well before you begin to play. From 100% match bonuses to no deposit bonuses and more, casino online players are spoilt for choice.

Since online casinos are vying for your attention, they often go to great lengths to please players and turn them into lifetime customers. You can take advantage of this and hit the ground running with some free money for casino play. Besides stellar bonuses, you get the widest variety of casino games and poker at your fingertips. There are three main types of games found in casino online sites:

With these popular casino games just being the tip of the iceberg, we invite you to review a full list of casino titles on our games page.

The Perks of Playing Online

You might think that playing online doesn't provide the same level of excitement as playing at a real Canadian casino does. In addition, you might even think that playing at a brick and mortar casino offers you the chance to win bigger payouts. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Let's take a closer look at what advantages you get from playing at a casino online, that you would NOT get from a land based casino.

Free Games
Free Games

To start with, free games are the most prominent advantage of playing at a casino online. There are far too many casino games out there for you to be an expert at each one. That's why the ability to play for free gives you a chance to test each game out at your own pace without being under pressure.

Player Points
Player Points

No land based casino can match up to the amount of points a casino online offers. With every slot you spin and every hand you play, points accumulate in your account to a level where you can use them for awesome rewards such as free spins, casino gear, vacations, and high-end electronics.

Game Variety
Game Variety

When you're searching for multiple casino games under one roof, online is the way to go. Physical casinos can only accommodate so many tables and slot machines, since after a while they run out of space to add more games. A casino online however, can run as many games as it wants.

Low Stakes
Low Stakes

If you're thinking of making your way to a roulette table in a brick and mortar casino, be ready to place high wagers because these tablets are usually for high rollers. If you don't want to spend an arm and a leg gambling, you can opt for a online casino because you get to decide the level of stakes.

Casino Variety
Casino Variety

One casino may not be enough to fulfill your thirst for gaming. On top of that, it may get stale and boring frequenting the same casino repeatedly - although the best sites will do a lot to prevent this. Either way, with online gambling the world is your oyster, and you can try out different sites that are licenced to do business in Canada. Keep trying till you find one you love.

Save Time
Save Time

When you're in the mood to spin the slots or play some craps, doing so online will take less than a minute for you to get to the game. However, going to a physical casino will require considerably more time because you have to get ready, drive there, find parking, and then find a table.

Finding the Best Locations Online

Online gambling has ushered in a new era of gambling, an era that's helping millions of players across the world access their favourite titles ranging from roulette to baccarat and keno to online slots.

Clearly, online gambling has far too many advantages for any player to ignore. From casino game variety to playing any game you like for free, casino sites are the ultimate destination for gamblers. With that said, when you go online to find a site to gamble at, your head will spin due to the sheer amount of options available. It's definitely not recommended to play at just any site you find because you face several risks such as being cheated out of your money, struggling with poor customer service, or having to wait for months to get paid on your winnings.

That's why has made this task simple. We've extensively researched all the Canadian gambling sites on the internet to see who's doing business the right way and is eager to provide real benefits to players. Our team evaluates the following features to rate each casino.

Relying on a Trusted Source

You're here to find quality sites to play at and we're here to provide you with casinos that you can trust with your time, real money, and information. has a team of professionals who've scoured the internet to find superior gaming sites that we can proudly vouch for.

Fast payouts, secure transactions, and ultimate customer support are the cornerstones of the online casinos we've shortlisted. Check out our list of casino sites, all waiting for you to sign up and start enjoying yourself.

Start enjoying online gambling today!

Online Gambling FAQ

Online casinos contain a large variety of games including but not limited to craps, poker, roulette, blackjack, keno, sic bo, slots, and baccarat. These games also have plenty of variations that you'll find at a casino online. As a responsible player, it's your duty to ensure that the casino you're playing at is reputable and licenced.
Credible online casinos use bank-grade security to protect user information and their Canadian Dollars. From international transaction methods to safeguarding personal and financial details, these casinos take security very seriously. In addition, constant audits and checks from established gambling commissions ensure that the casino is safe to gamble at.
Just like offline casinos will offer you enticements such as free meals, drinks or accommodation if you're a high rolling customer, so to do online casinos. The difference is, they offer them to everyone - and they usually come in the form of bonus cash or free bets! From welcome bonus deposit matches to recurring loyalty bonuses, online casinos really do go the extra miles to keep you gambling with them in a competitive market.