Understanding European Roulette at Online Casinos

European Roulette

If you enjoy visiting a casino online, the chances of finding European Roulette are tremendous. This is due to the fact that not only is this game exciting, but you have a considerable chance of winning. Needless to say, this attracts more people who are keen on trying their luck and skills at one of the oldest casino games.

Obviously, no one wants to spend real money on games without getting anything in return. So if you're looking to make some real cash and want to try your luck, European Roulette is just the right fit. To help you become more familiar with this variant of roulette, we've covered everything you need to know including:


Early Beginnings Of The Game

As you can imagine from the name of the game, this variety of roulette began in Europe, specifically France. The game of roulette was first introduced there and later, as years passed by it made its way to other major European countries. Soon this was one of the most popular casino games not just in Europe, but the United States also.

Hundreds of years later and it's still one of the most popular games in the casino, showing how timeless it truly is. Still keeping gamblers, online and offline alike, enthralled by the spinning of the wheel.

European Roulette at a Glance

European Roulette is considered as one of the easier games to play in a casino online. With ease of play and lack of complexity comes the higher house edge. Even though this roulette variation is relatively simple in comparison to others, there are still important aspects that players should be aware of. We've noted down the more important points associated with European Roulette.

  • house edge
    The house edge in European Roulette is among the lowest in roulette at 2.70%, which makes the game so enticing
  • one to eight players
    Most land-based casinos have anywhere from one to eight people participate in the game
  • 37 numbers
    A roulette table has 37 numbers total ranging from 0-36, with zero having a separate pocket
  • special wagers
    This variation offers special wagers, grouping numbers on the wheel into an additional 5 sections available to bet on.
  • Learn How To Play In Minutes

    Playing a new game for the first time can often seem slightly daunting, especially if you're not certain about how it is played. Real cash winnings will be hard to come by if you're yet to master a game, that's why we've put together these simple steps for you to follow. Take things slowly, follow this guide, and you'll be raking in the winnings before you know it.

    Pick the amount that you want to risk for your bet once the croupier opens betting.
    place your chips
    Find the best possible place for you to place your chips, depending on your strategy.
    Wait for the croupier to toss the ball into the roulette wheel and make sure all bets are in before "no more bets" is called.
    won or lost
    Once the ball has landed in a pocket and the croupier calls the number, you can see whether you won or lost.

    European Roulette Terminology

    • House Edge - This is simply the percentage of each placed bet that the casino is expecting to receive. Usually for European Roulette the house edge is around 2.70 %.
    • Marker - After each spin is complete, the dealer or croupier will place this marker on the winning number. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to place new bets until the marker has been removed from the table.
    • Corner Bet - This is the bet that is placed on 4 numbers.
    • Payout - The amount that the casino has to pay each player at the end of the game.
    • Dead Table - This is usually referred to as a table which is ready to be gambled at but there are no players.

    Strategies for Gaming Success

    The layout of the roulette table was developed in France and dates back to 1842, consisting of boxes that range from 1 to 36, along with one pocket for 0.

    You should be careful when reading various strategies on the internet to win at European Roulette. A casino online will not simply let players use a winning system over & over again, clearing out the house. That's why you should put some thought into the logic behind a strategy, understanding how and why it works before implementing it at a casino online. With that said, it's our duty to mention one strategy that is heavily discussed in the gambling community.

    The Martingale technique tells players to play with extreme outside bets, meaning 1-18 or 19-36, also known as Manque or Passe, respectively. The same strategy also includes placing bets on even, black, or odds. These all have a higher chance of winning when compared to inside bets, but at the same time have lower payouts. For more details on roulette strategies, visit our Strategy page to get the scoop.

    A Few Tips before You Play

    Besides the strategy mentioned above, you can always use a few words of advice from professionals who have spent years trying their luck at online and land based casinos. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you visit a European Roulette casino online.

    Quality Sites to Spin Your Luck

    Quality Sites

    European Roulette is an amazingly balanced game thanks to the wheel's unique layout. While the wheel has also been created to confuse players since the numbers are placed in such a haphazard manner, the succession of numbers also alternates the low and high values in an even manner.

    The sooner you are able to understand the layout of the wheel, the better your chances of placing wiser bets. As far as finding a quality casino is concerned, we have created a collection of the finest European Roulette online casino sites available for players in Canada so that you can start playing straight away.

    Start spinning those European Roulette wheels today!

    European Roulette FAQ

    European Roulette has 37 pockets and you'll find each section numbered from 1 to 36. The last pocket is left for 0. Each number besides the 0 is marked in red and black, with the 0 itself being marked in green. The main objective of a player is to predict what number pocket the ball will eventually end up in. You begin the game by placing your chips on the table according to the bet you have in mind. The croupier then spins the wheel and tosses the ball in it. You wait for the ball to settle and any winnings are paid according to the results.
    Thanks to its lower house advantage, European Roulette is among the more preferred versions of the game. Other variations, such as American Roulette, give players a lower chance of winning, most gamblers in Canada prefer playing this version. In addition, the allure of leaving your fate in the hands of the croupier appeals to many players that are less certain about other real money games.
    Due to its vast popularity, many reputable Canadian casino online sites carry European Roulette in their arsenal of games. Even though the house edge is relatively higher in this game compared to others, players still manage to walk out with winnings in their bank account since outside bets certainly improve their chances of winning.
    In many players' eyes, online casino European Roulette is the more popular choice thanks to its greater odds of winning and lower house edge. American Roulette does not just contain one zero, but rather another double zero, which makes it all the more difficult for a player to win.
    A player's wisest choice is to go for odd/even, black/red, 1-18, or 19-36 because all these bets have a 46.37% chance of occurring. The payout for these bets is low, however, they're still considered as wins and you get to make some money instead of losing it. The next best odds are for 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36, with a 31.58% chance of these events occurring. The payout for these is still better at 1 to 2.
    Outside bets are often an effective way of experiencing more wins rather than losses. Placing a bet on red/black had a 48.6% chance of success, whereas placing a bet on a column has a winning probability of 32.4%. The same goes for putting your Canadian Dollars on a dozen bet. Therefore, it's best to use such strategies to win more often, albeit with a lower payout. It's still better than placing a Straight Bet, which only has a 2.7% chance of appearing.
    While there are several systems available for improving your chances of winning in online casino European Roulette, few have been proven to be successful. With that said, Martingale and Parlay seem to be the most common. The Parlay system follows the philosophy of double your bet when you win and start with one unit after a loss. This is a straightforward technique that doesn't require much calculation from the player. Just remember to stop when the double or nothing starts to spiral out of control.