Online Casinos' Software Guide: Get it Right First Time

Software Guide

The online gambling world is full of options designed to suit players of all persuasions. It doesn't matter if you enjoy PC gaming or Mac surfing, Canada's online casinos allow you to ante-up and throw down on every device imaginable.

Of course, the road to riches takes more than your respective hardware preferences - but every journey starts with a single step, and you need to ensure you get off on the right foot if you want to make the most money possible. To ensure you don't stumble and fall before you've even left the starting blocks, we've outlined the basic tenets of online real money gambling.

Find Your Favourite Casino Games

However you go about enjoying online casinos, you will always be playing a game that has come from a software developer. In most cases, it'll be from the bigger names in the industry. We've taken a closer look at our favourites, those that offer immersive, quality gaming as well as fair results.

Flash vs. Download vs. Mobile

In general, the casino online world is split into three distinct parts: flash, download and mobile. The medium you choose will depend largely on the device you're rocking, but it's good to know the options available to you before you start risking your money.

No Download
No Download

In the early days of iGaming in Canada, the majority of operators opted to offer their services in Flash or ‘no download' form. The reason for this was to give players access to as many games as possible without downloading any software.

By hosting the games on their own servers, online operators are able to lay on hundreds of casino games and spread them in a single platform. Doing this means it doesn't matter how much memory a user's computer has or what speed their processors are, the games will always run optimally.


Downloadable online casinos are accessed via a user's desktop and offer a deeper online gaming experience. Flash casinos offer many games, but the graphics and animations are often reduced in order to preserve space and ensure the system doesn't crash.

With downloadable casinos, however, this space isn't as much of an issue. In fact, all Canadian online casinos will recommend minimum specifications for anyone wanting to use their software to ensure that every game runs as smoothly as possible without overloading your device.


The latest innovation in the casino world - mobile gaming. A relatively new medium in the industry, mobile casinos have evolved over the last few years. In the early days, players had to navigate to a site and make do with playing desktop games on a smaller screen.

Fortunately, as technology has improved and software more refined, it's now common for Canadian casinos to offer smartphone apps. Designed specifically for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry users, these apps often contain a smaller list of games, but are more suited to mobile screens and their software.

Check Your Tech

If you are thinking about anteing up online in Canada then you need to make sure your hardware is ready for the task. When you're playing online blackjack, roulette or any other casino game, there's nothing worse than placing a bet and having the entire system freeze harder than a cold night in the Yukon.

Before you change systems, the main things you should check include:

Your Memory

If you're downloading any casino online software, either onto your desktop or mobile, make sure you've got enough space. As your device fills up, its speed will decrease and can lead to unnecessary overload or a total re-boot.

Internet Connection

You should also ensure your internet connection is robust enough to withstand a lot of data. Although modern online casinos are designed to be light in terms of the resources they use, you'll still need a fairly fast online connection if you don't want to hit a glitch - especially annoying in those critical moments when money is on the line.

Your Data

Take a minute or two to confirm your data plan is suitable for the games you want to play. Of course, playing via a Wi-Fi connection doesn't pose any problems, but if you're using data then you need to ensure you don't rack up huge data charges by going over your monthly allocation.

Ante-Up Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place


Modern online casinos are designed with access in mind. As the industry has grown, users have called for more value, more opportunities, and more money. Developers have welcomed the feedback and responded with platforms that are smoother, slicker and more efficient. However, it's important to remember that not every one of these platforms are created equal. If you want to make the most of your experience, you need to choose the right site for you.

Fortunately, we've collated and reviewed the best online casinos in Canada to help you on your way regardless of your device or software preference. From Flash sites to downloadable platforms and mobile apps, we've found the best online casinos Canada has to offer.

Software FAQ

Microgaming is the world’s largest casino software developer. The company offers more than 600 different casino games, and puts out two or more titles every single month. Microgaming casinos typically offer instant play and downloadable games for excellent variety.
Yes, there are some top online casinos that have games developed specifically for them to keep them exclusive. Most casinos offer shared games that other websites have access to though. If you’re searching for exclusive games inquire specifically to the casino you are reviewing for more information.
Some are and some are not. The top online casino software providers have a reputation for being fair and offering reliable games, but others are known for unfair practices and low-quality games. That’s why it’s best to join casinos, like those on our recommended list, that use top-tier casino software.
There are hundreds of popular online slot games, but some top ones in the industry include Thunderstruck II, Starburst slot, Deal or No Deal, Mega Fortune and many others. These leading games are known for excellent odds, huge prizes and exciting features, and are well worth testing out at least once.
Absolutely! Plenty of terrific online casinos offer casino games for free. These can help you learn while having plenty of fun.