Canada's Top Tablet Casino Sites

Nowadays, the majority of Canadian players are choosing their tablets to enjoy unlimited access to a large library of unique casino online games. Armed with your trusty tablet, you can easily take top-quality casino gaming with you, wherever you may choose to go. Consider the tablet your gateway to huge winnings.

Aside from promising a fuss-free and user-friendly experience, gaming on a tablet is considered an exceedingly safe option. Before you dive into high-performance online gambling, you'll want to learn all the essential elements related to tablet gaming:

  • How tablets are leading the way for online gambling in Canada and across the world
  • Step-by-step directions to enjoy gaming through your tablet on quality gaming sites
  • Making the most of your tablet when gaming online and what features to look out for
Quick Facts
  • Around 3/4 of social casino players use mobile devices to access games.
  • More than 100 million users are expected to join the mobile gambling arena in the next 5 years.
  • By 2018, over 164 million players will visit a mobile casino, place a bet, or buy lottery tickets through their mobile device.

Tablet Devices - A Story of Success

Regardless of who your tablet manufacturer is or what operating system you're running, the majority of online casinos provide either apps or in-browser playing options to Canadian gamblers.

Tablets are a considerably recent innovation and their introduction to the public can be traced back to the year 2010. Although originally received as a gadget that was a cross between a smartphone and a traditional laptop, the tablet has established itself as an incomparable device. Users claimed holding a web page in one's hand seemed more natural than having to stare at a monitor. Soon most people began to prefer the tablet for swift web searches, reading & responding to emails, playing games at a casino online, and much more.

Simultaneously, the tablet emerged as a great option for entertainment. To add to the fun, developers began creating games that could make the most of a tablet. These days, you can see people playing casino games everywhere. Seated on a crowded bus, waiting for a doctor's appointment, or just sitting in the living room, plenty of people pass their time by playing casino games on their tablet. With a larger number of players opting to explore the world of tablet gambling, the collection of apps tailor-made for tablets continues to grow. Players can easily land at their favourite casino online to access the most recent games.

A Guide to Getting Started

Playing at a tablet online casino is the same as playing with any other mobile device. With a reliable internet connection, setting up and playing games is extremely easy. Certain casino online operators even provide a browser-based mobile gaming application that does not require any downloading. A variety of graphically rich games are available over a secure connection. Other sites choose to offer players an app that can be downloaded for their iOS, Windows, or Android supporting device. With a dedicated casino app on your tablet, you will be able to register in an instant, access your casino account, and get the best of real money promotions available. As a matter of fact, you only need to follow four basic steps:

Pick any one of our recommended tablet casino online sites and visit the website.
Navigate to the Downloads section of the casino online and look for your favourite games.
web-based browser
Some games can also be played in a web-based browser.
Select game
Select your favourite game to download or run off the internet and begin playing immediately.

Taking Advantage of Your Hand-Held Device

If you're planning to break free from gambling on your PC, your tablet can be the perfect companion for a visit to an online casino. From spinning the slots to throwing the dice, blackjack to baccarat, and all real money play in between, there is a variety of excellent games that can be played on a tablet. Owing to the large screens of a tablet, the control panels of any game are both easy to see and operate. Therefore, plenty of players prefer gambling at tablet online casinos. Here are a couple more reason for you to reach for a tablet when playing online:

An Unrivalled Gaming Experience

Next time you're bored, forget about wasting your time getting up, sitting in front of the computer, and waiting to boot. Your smartphone might be quick to start, but who wants to worry about draining the battery or getting a call right when you're about to hit the jackpot. Instead, reach for your tablet to play a casino game or two, whether you like video poker or roulette, you can play on your tablet for hours.

Through a great casino online app, you can check your funds, manage your account, and make convenient deposits. With great bonuses, industry-approved security measures and quality customer support, there's no reason to waste your precious time. Browse through our vast list of tablet casinos that Canadians can play at.

Start playing tablet casino games today!

Tablets FAQ

Yes, it is possible to play at select online casinos using your tablet. The casino online should be optimized to allow access to your device. In general, most online casinos that accommodate mobile players are eager to welcome those using tablets. Certain casinos offer downloadable apps for tablets, whereas others support browser-based games which can be enjoyed instantly.
A large majority of tablets are compatible with online tablet casinos. By and large, players favour Google Nexus 10, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy tablets that support the Android operating system. The Apple iPad and Windows Microsoft Surface are also a popular choice amongst online gamblers. It all boils down to what your preference as a user.
Although all casinos are intended to entertain players, a casino should be evaluated against a range of benchmarks to determine its worth. Aside from offering cutting-edge casino software, a wide variety of games, exclusive bonuses, and seamless mobile platform integration, a good casino also guarantees player safety. When faced with any complications, at a great casino, players can immediately seek assistance through dedicated customer support.
Players can enjoy loads of fantastic casino games through their tablet, including the latest titles and beloved classics. Given the variety of games available, each game has its own devoted following. Certain players enjoy strategic games such as poker, while others prefer a quick spin of the reels. All in all, an excellent casino online is intent upon catering to all players.
Beginning to play tablet casino online games is extremely simple. To get started, you will only need to visit a reliable casino online. Fortunately, you can find a list of the best Canadian Dollar online casinos at our site. Once you've taken your pick, simply start playing the game as it should load up immediately on your tablet.
The decision to play at a casino site or through an app depends on certain factors. You should first consider if the app has been optimized to run on your tablet. If you can find an optimized site, it is a great choice. You can enjoy a number of outstanding features that contribute to an unparalleled experience. On the other hand, you can choose to access a dedicated site through the browser of your tablet. Supported by Flash or HTML5, these games can be quick to load and are stress-free as no downloads are required. Typically, apps will give you a more holistic gaming experience because they've been designed to offer superior performance.
Over the years, the number of sites that offer live dealer games has been gradually increasing. You can find a good selection of blackjack, baccarat, and other live games at certain casino sites. However, there is definite room for improvement, as in some cases you might not be able to view your dealer on account of the varying screen size of tablets.
Generally, gaming on your tablet is extremely safe. Nevertheless, we recommend that players should install an effective antivirus software that protects their device and its content. Furthermore, to maintain the privacy of your sensitive information, it is best to play over a secure internet connection rather than choose any public network. By skipping these measures, players can leave themselves vulnerable against malicious software and open to losing their Canadian Dollars.