iPhone Casinos Online for Canadians in 2024

When the iPhone hit the market, it forever changed the way people used their phones. No longer were cellphones just a way to communicate through voice and chat. They essentially became pocket-sized computers.

This innovation is why players can now enjoy playing on mobile casino apps. With hundreds of casino games available to users, you're spoilt for choice as far as playing at a casino online is concerned. On this page we cover the following topics to help you make a smart choice when gaming with your iPhone.

  • How the iPhone online casinos became so popular in Canada
  • How you can start playing at your favourite casino online in just a few steps
  • The advantages of playing at a mobile casino with your iPhone
Quick Facts
  • The iPhone was the first mobile device to have its own App Store.
  • It was the first phone to have a large multi-touch screen.
  • The iPhone's graphic capabilities are similar to that of a desktop.

The Popularity Boom

From quality poker games to engaging slots and riveting roulette, players can access a wide range of casino games on their iPhone.

The first iPhone hit the market in 2007, but it wasn't until a year later with the release of the iPhone 3G that users were able to access and purchase apps from the Apple App Store. Within the first five hours of the launch of the App Store, Texas Hold'em was on the list of top downloaded paid apps.

Now users in Canada and around the globe can download and play all types on casino games through the use of mobile casino apps for real money. The fact that you can play at your preferred casino online at any time of day at any place, as long as you have data on your phone, is truly remarkable. Your iPhone brings the casino to you.

How to Play in Mobile Casinos

There was a time when the iPhone and App Store were still so new to the market that players could not easily play in casinos on their phones. Players would have to download third-party apps such as iTap to work around the issue in order to gamble for real cash. Since then, the App Store has accommodated the demand for real money mobile casinos and players can now easily enjoy playing for real Canadian Dollars with just a few taps of their fingers. Here is a step by step process of how you can start gambling on your iPhone right now.

App Store
Open the App Store on your iPhone.
Search for one of the mobile casinos that we recommend on this site.
Tap "Get" or "Purchase" on the app's page and download the game, then open the app.
Set up an account
Set up an account with the mobile casino.
Select the game
Select the game you wish to play and start winning real cash.

The Perks of Playing With Your Device

iPhone users are often more proud than others, and for good reason. As a leader in innovation, Apple has always pushed the bar further as far as technology is concerned. But never at the expense of user satisfaction and user-friendliness. Here are some additional reasons you will enjoy gaming online through the iPhone.

Finding the Right Apps & Sites

While the iPhone was initially limited in terms of the amount of casino apps you could download on it, heavy user demand has pushed Apple to make hundreds of casino games available to users. Even though you'll find plenty of trustworthy casino online apps in the Apple Store, it's the user's responsibility to ensure that the app comes from a reputable gambling site.

To make matters easier for you, we have vetted all of the best iPhone casino online destinations, so if you're looking for a fun-filled and safe gambling experience on your iPhone, look no further than CasinoOnline.ca.

Start enjoying online gambling via your iPhone now!

iPhone FAQ

Yes, you can enjoy playing at the best online casinos with your iPhone.
If your iPhone runs on iOS 6 or above, you are all set to enjoy great games on the go.
You can make a start at gaming on your iPhone by installing the app iTap. iTap allows an iPhone to be connected to your Mac or PC. Simply install a casino's software onto your computer, and you can play indirectly right from your iPhone. Take a pick from our best online iPhone casino guide to begin.
Since you can access all standard casino online games on an iPhone, most of these games are popular on an iPhone.
You can play on both iPhone casino sites and through an app depending on your preferences.
While Apple does not allow any gambling apps on the App Store, your best choice is the iTap app which connects your iPhone to your Mac or PC.
Gambling on an iPhone is as great as gambling on any platform, with the added benefit of carrying it around wherever you go.
Yes, playing with your iPhone is completely safe and secure.