Online Casinos for Android Users in 2024

For a long time, Android smartphone users were left out of the online casino loop. But with recent advances in technology, this is no longer the case. With more demand for mobile gambling, Android online casinos have stepped up and delivered.

Now mobile gamblers can sit easy knowing that the majority of their favourite casino online games are available to play on Android. From quirky slots to an exciting game of live dealer roulette, you can play your way to riches through verified Android online casinos. To make matters easier, we're going to take you through an Android journey that will entail:

  • How Android became one of the most preferred gambling operating systems
  • How to start playing an Android casino app on your mobile device today
  • The benefits of playing at an Android casino online
Quick Facts
  • Android currently holds between 61% and 81% of the global mobile OS market share
  • More than 68 billion apps have been downloaded to date from the Google Play store
  • The average price of an Android app is just 6 cents - a large amount are free

The Rise of Mobile Gaming on Devices

Being spoiled for choice, a player doesn't only have a large game collection to enjoy these days, but Android gaming also lets you safely perform online transactions.

At first, players had to play on mobile casinos through the browsers on their phones, but with the newly-booming market, developers and online casinos have worked to meet demand. One of the first mobile casinos that allowed players to gamble with real money was mFortune, which offered 11 games including slots and card games.

Now, Canadian Android players can easily access their pick of mobile casinos and play almost any casino game they can imagine. As a mobile player, you get to take advantage of quality graphics and a highly intuitive user interface when you use your Android smartphone or tablet.

Get Your Game On

Android's Google Play store is now the most widely used gaming platform on the planet. Players all over the world are able to locate many of their favourite games and download them easily right in the Google Play store, and now you can too. It's incredibly simple, all you need is an Android device and a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to get started. You'll be playing after just a few simple steps:

Google Play Store
Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
Google Play account
If you have not set up your Google Play account, you will need to do so.
You can use the search function to find a mobile casino online.
Tap the icon
Tap the icon of the mobile casino you wish to download and then tap install.
Open mobile casino
Open the mobile casino after it has downloaded and installed.
You will need to set up an account and input payment information for the casino app.
which game to play
Now It’s time to choose the game to play and start playing to win.

Unparalleled Advantages of Using This Platform

With the highest market share in the world, this operating system continues to experience a great number of activations on a daily basis. The fact that Android has an open platform, developers can easily design and create casino games for Android based phones. If you're in Canada and still debating about using Android for online gambling purposes, here are a few reasons that should convince you.

Getting Ready to Play

Every year there are thousands of new Canadian Android users added to an already long list. Whether they like playing from their device because of limited computer access or they enjoy being able to play wherever they want, mobile gambling is here to stay.

Now you're equipped with the basic information you need to become a mobile player in Android casinos. Browse through our list of the top online casinos, Android friendly of course, specifically for avid gamblers wanting to play with real Canadian Dollars.

Enjoy top casino games with your Android device!

Android FAQ

Yes, you can definitely play with your Android device.
Android continues to release updated software with improvements in user experience and technology. While it is recommended to use the latest software, any Android device running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) can be used to play online.
You can get a start on gambling on your Android device by checking out our thorough list of the best Android casinos online.
Android players love all the games offered at the online Android casinos. You will find that these include all the best titles that are also available for players on computers.
You should use the app designed by your chosen casino as they are specifically designed to offer you the best gambling experience on your Android device. However, if your device has little memory - or you don't want to download an app for any other reason - the in browser option is always there.
Any app developed by a premium online casino can be trusted to deliver the best performance on your Android device.
When compared to other mobile platforms, Android devices have the distinct advantage of allowing gambling apps designed by online casinos themselves. With such Android-only software, you can enjoy an impressive experience.
Absolutely, you can feel free to play on any compatible device for the casino because the leading online casinos develop safe apps that you can rely on. You can trust in the security of such casinos and gamble knowing you’ll be protected.