Top Ten Reasons Why Gambling Online Pays

Top 10 Advantages

Ever wondered what all the fuss was about when it comes to casino online sites? Old school gamblers will often say that you can't beat the thrill of a live venue if you're looking to wager some money, but as the internet gambling world continues to grow that argument is becoming less valid. Indeed, aside from offering just as many thrills as brick-and-mortar casinos, online portals are much more profitable for the modern player.

Whether its speed, variety, security, or convenience, online casinos are proven to be a much better option when it comes to making money and in this article we show you the reasons why.

1. More Bonuses = More Play

One of the biggest advantages to gambling at a casino online is that you can boost your bankroll with a slew of bonuses. Unlike the live casino world where only the high rollers get special treatment (in the form of "comps"), online casinos reward all players for their loyalty and time at the tables.

Whether it's through welcome bonuses (usually a certain amount of free cash based on the size of your first deposit) or VIP points which can be converted into money and free bets, online casinos do everything they can to give you more. Aside from being good for players, these casino rewards are business savvy because they encourage users to play more while growing the competition, the jackpots and the overall profit potential of the site. Check out our useful guide to online casino bonuses for a further breakdown.

2. Ease of Access

Ease of Access

Putting on some suitable attire and driving to your local casino might make for a good night out, but it doesn't always make financial sense. Profiting as much money as you can in the least time possible is only achievable if you don't have to waste time travelling to a casino. For this reason there's nothing better than the ease of access an online gambling site provides.

Within a few simple clicks you can load up an operator, deposit some cash, and start playing. Overall this should take no more than a few minutes. The instant availability is why online casinos are not only more convenient, but also more profitable for the player.

3. 100s of Games & Exciting Variations

Game selection is paramount in any gambling scenario and on top of being crucial for entertainment purposes, it's also important for your bankroll. To become a successful gambler you need to find your niche and that's only possible if you have a wide range of games to choose from.

Of course, live casinos in Canada will feature a wide variety of games, but because there is only so much floor space, the "less popular" variants are limited. Indeed, while blackjack and roulette will be plentiful in brick-and-mortar venues, craps and baccarat are less so because they aren't as popular. In the casino online world there is no lack of space. Players will be able to enjoy a plethora of games at a wider range of limits and there are no queues.

4. Lower Betting Limits

Low Limits

Live casinos can be intimidating places for novice players for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is the amount of money they have to spend. Canadian casinos can't afford to let players spend a few cents on a hand of blackjack because they have to cover large overheads and operating costs.

In contrast, casinos online don't have such expenses. This means they can release more games and offer lower betting limits. Moreover, the pace of an online game of blackjack or roulette is much faster on the internet leading to faster game turnovers and lower stake limits.

In general, you'll find that most online casinos in Canada will allow players to bet from as little as $0.10 per hand compared to $5+ per hand which is common in many live venues.

5. Progressive Jackpots Into The Millions

Progressive jackpots are something that started in the live casino world, but since the online industry has grown so big, this concept has been taken to an entirely new level. Between slot machine progressive jackpots and special hand bonuses, online casinos literally give players a chance to win millions of dollars from a single bet.

Not only do progressive jackpots grow faster online than in the live floor environment, they are also won more frequently because of the evolving pace of the games and player frequency. On the internet you'll see roughly 4X more hands/bets per hour, essentially meaning your chances of hitting a progressive jackpot are increased significantly.

6. Convenient Banking Methods

Banking Methods

Handling money in any gambling scenario can be a testing situation, but thanks to the wealth of protocols implemented online, it's a lot less painful than you might expect. Indeed, on top of various limits, ID checks and encryption methods, conducting financial transactions with a casino online is extremely efficient.

Processing financial transactions at a casino online can be done in fitting manner because operators, and the third parties they work with, have the ability to securely store any necessary details. You can safely bank with them in a number of ways, such as Visa/ MasterCard transactions, or through a variety of online wallets like Skrill. This flexibility and ability to retain data means you can literally fund your account or withdraw cash with the click of a button. By inputting a few pieces of secure data (such as a password), you can move funds around in a much safer and efficient way than you can in a live casino.

7. Demo Games to Test & Hone Your Skills

Practice makes perfect in any walk of life and this mantra is especially true in the gambling world. Although luck will have a bearing on how much money you win in a given session, it's possible to improve your chances of success (long-term EV) with some expert strategies.

For example, the best way to win money at the blackjack table is to use card counting techniques. However, if you aren't able to practice this skill you'll never be able to implement it profitably in a real-money situation. Fortunately, online casinos allow you to play for free and, aside from giving you the ability to try out a new game, these provisions allow you to test your new strategies. The luxury of doing this for play chips rather than real money will not only help increase your proficiency and confidence, but it will protect your bankroll.

8. No Crowds


Live casinos can be crowded places, especially if you're playing one of the more popular games such as blackjack or roulette. Because a lot of people enjoy the sights and sounds of a brick-and-mortar venue it can mean you struggle to get in on the action, or become a little too socially anxious.

If you are gambling as a means to make profit, any time you spend on a casino floor without gambling should be classified as down time. When you have down time, your bankroll remains stagnant. The inability to get to a table will leave you high and dry like a fish out of water.

Thankfully, online casinos aren't subject to crowding because most tables are designed for a single player. For those games that aren't restricted to one player, such as multi-player blackjack, a fully stocked table isn't a problem. This is because when the number of games reaches a certain point the software will create a new table. With this feature, you can log on at any time and find a free slot in your favourite game.

9. Less Expenses & More Money For Betting

Although the money you make in a casino game is the primary factor that determines the size of your bankroll, you also need to take other considerations into the expenses of your profit margin. Indeed, you could find yourself losing money on a weekly basis, even if you're a winning player, simply because your travel costs outweigh your profit.

Because online casinos don't have a physical location, you don't have to travel anywhere. There are no fuel, lodging, or eating out costs. This alone makes it instantly more profitable to relax, wager and win at home than in the live counterparts. Finally, with this money saved, you essentially increase your wagering abilities and overall expectations of winning. Ultimately, you will have a better time regardless of how lucky or unlucky you are.

10. A More Comfortable Experience


The last and possibly most significant advantage of gambling at an online casino is that it's a lot more enjoyable. When you're losing money it can promote stress and negative emotions which can be heightened if you're cramped in a live casino. Gambling with emotion (being on tilt) is a curse that blights every player in the world and it's something you should try to minimise as much as possible.

By playing at a casino online you can balance your emotions a lot more easily, simply because you will in a place of comfort. Whether you like to play in bed, on the sofa, or while sitting in your garden, online casinos operate around your own personal environment and work with your preferences and tastes.

Ready to See How Online Gambling Pays?

Now that you understand the value of casinos online, why not try a few games for yourself. We offer a collection of carefully selection Canadian online casinos, all of which offer these advantages. We think you're going to enjoy every second you spend at a top gambling site, especially when you try out our favourite Canadian operators.