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Live Dealer Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is a highly popular poker variation in casinos in Canada and around the globe. The variation of casino Hold'em, in which players only play against the dealer rather than all the surrounding players that are also going against the dealer, is a newer take on the game, but it has gained popularity and become a mainstay in casinos online.

While the basics of Hold'em remain the same across different variations, there are rules and strategies that players should be familiar with before jumping online to play with real cash. Here is the information you can gain by reading through this guide in its entirety:


What To Know Before Playing

Before Playing

Texas State Legislature recognizes Robstown, Texas as the birthplace of Texas Hold'em. While there are no details on exactly how the game came to be, Hold'em was first played in the 1900s as one of the many variations of poker. The live dealer version has recently made it to online casinos and has taken players by storm in the process.

Whether you like playing poker casually or are an experienced grinder, nothing can replicate the live dealer version of Hold'em at a casino online. The vast majority of poker players agree to the fact that this game was created to be played in a social setting, where people can actually see the dealer versus having to decode what a computer is thinking of feeling.

Playing For Victory

Playing a casino classic with a live dealer can seem a little intimidating at first, almost like a new game altogether. To make sure that's you've got a grasp on the basics before you start on your own real money live Hold'em adventure, be sure to read through the following step by step guide.

ante wager
The hand starts by making an ante wager. This amount will depend on the minimum bet for the online casino of the player's choosing.
two cards each
Once the ante is wagered, the dealer will deal herself and the player two cards each, and then deal three community cards face up on the table, this is called the flop.
fold or call
The player now makes a choice to fold or call. If the player folds, the hand ends and the player loses his ante. If the player decides to call and keep playing, the bet is two times the amount of the initial ante.
the river
If the player continues with his hand and calls, the dealer then deals two more cards on the table, called the river. At this point both hands will be scored and the higher hand wins.

In casino online Live Dealer Hold'em, the dealer must have at least a pair of fours in order to qualify for the win. If the dealer does not qualify, the player will be paid one to one for the ante and the call unless the player has a qualifying higher hand, in which case the payout is typically as follows:

If the dealer's bet qualifies and ranks higher than the player's hand, the player loses the ante and the call bet. If the dealer's bet qualifies and is equivalent to the player's hand in rank, then a tie is called and all bets are pushed - no money is won or lost..

The Benefits You'll Discover

Live dealer Hold'em allows players in online casinos to have the same experience and interaction with the dealer as they would in a live casino online.

As an electrifying variation of the highly popular five card Texas Hold'em poker game, live dealer Hold'em provides a quality gaming experience through live streaming video. Whether you want to play on your desktop or mobile device you'll be able to find a compatible variation, most casinos let players choose their platform when playing. The utmost advantage of playing this version is true entertainment value. The quality of the game goes up tenfold once there is human interaction.

With real cards and real dealers, along with your ability to interact with fellow players and the dealer in real time, this is as close as you can get to being in a real casino without setting foot in one. In some versions of Hold'em, players are pitted against the dealer instead of each other. Therefore there is no set limit to how many players can take part in one game. This of course attracts a lot of attention as people can invest a relatively low amount and stand to gain much more.

Live Dealer vs. Normal Game

For those still on the fence about whether they should make the move to this live dealer version of Hold'em, here's a brief comparison against the normal online version that you're more accustomed to.

Live Dealer Hold'em

The first and foremost advantage of playing live is that you have a dealer virtually in front of you. Every facial movement, every gesture, and their body language is open for you to see. You don't have to remain as far removed from the gameplay as you would be when playing the RNG-based version of the game. In addition, your fate lies in the hands of an actual person, the dealer or the players, instead of a computer generated algorithm. This brings a whole new level of enthusiasm to the game because it's a true battle between humans, rather than playing against an inanimate object. The one aspect that players should be aware of is that deal limits may typically be higher in live dealer Hold'em because there's an added cost for casinos online to run this type of game.

Traditional Online Hold'em

Playing the regular version of Texas Hold'em online certainly had its charm too, when a better option wasn't available. Game results are still based on Random Number Generator software, so players have a fair chance of landing a winning hand. In addition, playing this version of the game is considerably faster, so for those who are in a hurry to play a few rounds, this option can work well for them. Since there is no human dealer present and the players either can't see each other or are playing against other computer-based opponents, the level of interaction is considerably low when compared to the live dealer version of Hold'em. Therefore, numerous poker pros are switching over to the more stimulating variant of poker, which is live dealer Texas Hold'em.

A Hand Rank Breakdown

Since Hold'em is all about what kind of hand you're able to present, it's needless to say that you have to know the hand rank breakdown very well. Here is the ranking of hands in poker from best to worst:

Royal Flush
Ace through 10 of the same suit
Straight Flush
5 consecutive cards of the same suit
Four of a Kind
4 cards of the same rank and any other card
Full House
3 cards of the same value and a pair
5 cards of the same suit
5 cards in consecutive order (of any suit)
Three of a Kind
3 cards of the same value and any 2 others
Two Pair
2 cards of the same rank, 2 cards of another rank, and another card
2 cards of the same rank and 3 other cards

Top Pro Tips to Get You Started

The most important thing a player has to do is make the correct decision on whether to play or fold after the flop is dealt. The player needs to consider the strength of their own current hand, the potential strength of their own hand after the river is dealt, and also the strength of the dealer's hand and its potential after all the community cards are dealt. It is very difficult to calculate these odds quickly and correctly, but players can follow a basic set of rules and end up winning over the long term.

Knowing When to Call

Always call when you have any of the following: a pair or better, an Ace or King, a Queen or Jack (except when the board is showing cards of all the same suit that you do not hold in your hand), a flush draw or straight draw (meaning the player only needs one card to complete the hand), two cards higher than the cards on the board (over cards).

Folding to Pairs

If the board is paired, players should always fold if they do not hold cards that match the board or if they have no cards over ten and they do not have a straight or flush draw. Players should also fold when they hold low unpaired cards that do not match the board without a straight or flush draw.

Live Dealer Hold'em in a Casino Online


Among the largest benefits of playing online is that top-notch casinos are using real dealers for various games, this of course includes Hold'em. Whether you play it as a table game or in the traditional nine-handed mode, this game is naturally meant to be played in a live dealer setting. You just can't match the elation and delight when facing a live dealer from the comfort of your home, and of course, the prospect of making real money from it. You'll find most dealers to be highly hospitable, interactive, and even humorous at times.

We're confident that once you start playing the live dealer variation, you will love it so much that you won't go back to the traditional online version. If you are looking for the best Canadian casino online to play Hold'em, we've got you covered. We only recommend the most entertaining and reliable casinos online for you.

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Live Hold'em FAQ

Depending on the Canadian casino online that you choose, you may have to download software to play. This varies between websites. Some online casinos offer web based games so players are able to play on any computer or mobile device. Most importantly, since video of the dealer is being streamed live from the casino, you will need a decent internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.
The card game Texas Hold'em is played at a table against other players. Casino Hold'em is played at a small table on the casino floor and the player only plays against the dealer, this is most similar to online casino Live Dealer Hold'em. In Live Dealer Hold'em, the dealer must hold at least a pair of fours to qualify. Aside from that rule, the game play is mostly the same.
Hold'em is one of the most popular games played online, therefore, you'll find it in the game lobby of several casinos online. However, it's important to keep in mind that you should only play at trusted and reputable sites that are known to be honest and fair to players. The last thing you want is to be scammed or play a rigged game that gives the house an unfair edge.
Many people prefer online casino live dealer Hold'em over a computer software based interface due to the social interaction and the more realistic casino feel. While this live version may cost a bit more, it's certainly worth the higher betting limits because you get to play the game the way that it's meant to be played - in a live social setting with the ability to see the dealer and other players.
Online bonuses will vary from site to site, however, since Hold'em is so popular with Canadians, most casinos online will let you use your bonus towards live dealer games. Before jumping in head first, you should check what the minimum betting limits and bonus qualification requirements are so you can take full advantage of the free money.
Many sites offer real dealer games 24/7, but game availability will depend on the specific site. You can always check with your casino online to see what their hours of operation are. Since a human being is required for gameplay in live dealer games, some casinos may limit their hours for this variation.
Always make sure you are playing in a reputable casino online like the ones we recommend on this site. Large and popular casinos have our stamp of approval because they are regularly audited by gambling commissions in Canada. On top of that, their dealers and software have to be verified by authorities to ensure that players have a fair chance of winning Canadian Dollars.
It's true you won't see additional players while playing Live Dealer Hold'em, you are able to see your dealer, and often dealers for other games in the background. The ability to see other players will vary from casino to casino because after all, when players are enjoying the game from the comfort of their home, they may not want other players to be able to see them and would rather maintain their privacy and personal gaming environment.