Credit Card Acceptance At Online Casinos

Players interested in mobile or online gambling can sometime be reluctant about picking a payment and withdrawal method. From certain casino online sites not accepting specific cards to others putting spending limits on Canadian players, it's essential to know the ins and outs of credit card usage on Canadian casinos online.

The majority of casinos provide you with a wide range of options to deposit or withdraw funds, but a lot of Canadian players prefer to use credit cards as their primary mode of transaction. We've done all the legwork of evaluation, to provide you with clear and effective guidelines on how to deposit and withdraw funds. On this page, you will learn:

  • How prevalent casino online credit card usage is
  • How to deposit & withdraw real money using your credit card at an online casino
  • Our reviewing criteria for the best Canadian credit card casinos
Quick Facts
  • 89% of Canadian adults own at least 1 credit card
  • Credit card spending in Canada rose by more than 7% in 2015
  • Credit Card debt constituted to 5.4% of total household debt
  • 23% of North American millennials made a mobile payment last week

Where People Began Using Credit

The most convenient aspect of using a Canadian Visa credit card is that deposits are almost instantaneous, so players don't have to wait for extended periods to get cracking on their favourite casino online game.

In 1946, the first bank card known as "Charg-It" was invented by a Brooklyn based banker named John Biggins. Usage of this card was only limited to local establishments but it was still a big step forward. Moving forward to 1951, more than 20,000 individuals had Diners Club accounts and that's when credit cards started being used on a larger scale. They provide a wide range of advantages and that's why it's almost impossible to find a casino online that doesn't offer it as an option.

You can rest assured that credit cards are amongst the most secure means of handling your transactions at online casinos in Canada. This is mainly because they used to be criticised for being susceptible to fraudulent activity. As a consequence, the majority of credit card companies have become incredibly strict and stringent with their online safety policies.

Depositing At An Online Gambling Site

Credit cards are popular largely due to their ease of use and the fantastic protection they offer for all of their customers. Most large companies ask no questions if you state that your card information has been compromised. In addition, your bank information is kept safe when you use a credit card since the vendor only gets to see the card number and no other details. This keeps you safe from prying eyes and fraudulent activity. While the process is likely to vary at different sites, it is almost always rather straightforward. Here are the simple steps:

Access the cashier section
Access the cashier section of the mobile site/application.
Select the option "deposit through credit card".
credit card details
Provide details of your credit card and specify the amount to deposit.
Wait for the funds to land in your account, usually taking mere moments.

Playing At Top-Tier Online Casinos

It's time that you start using your credit card to your advantage. A huge benefit of using this option is that the amount of online casino sites that accept this payment method is constantly increasing. Whether you have a Visa or MasterCard, large online casinos are always willing to give juicy bonuses to new players or loyalty incentives to existing players.

This can give you a fantastic head start when gambling because after all, who doesn't like free money? On top of that, credit cards usually come with larger deposit limits compared to other forms of funding your bankroll, which means more real cash you can use to gamble and win even bigger! Some of the most impactful benefits of credit card usage in a casino are:

  • Larger withdrawal and deposit limits
    Larger withdrawal and deposit limits for online casino players in Canada
  • safe transactions
    Highly safe transactions for peace of mind while gambling online
  • protection
    Unparalleled protection against fraud in case unauthorized transactions are made
  • Widely accepted
    Widely accepted at most reputable Canadian casinos online or on mobile devices
  • Hand-Picked Casinos for Your Gambling Pleasure

    MasterCard and Visa are without a doubt the most commonly accepted cards and if you possess either of these, you will likely to be able to make payments easily. While you can use Visa for both payment and withdrawal, MasterCard in Canada only allows players to deposit funds and not withdraw.

    Every casino that we recommend offers a wide and extensive range of games. You can spend countless hours playing various games on your smart phone, tablet, or computer at any given moment, regardless of your location. We've managed to compile a list of reputable gaming providers that accept credit cards so that you don't waste time going through the hassle. Just choose what you like best from our comprehensive list and sign up right away to start playing.

    Enjoy simple credit card deposits today!

    Credit Cards FAQ

    Yes, credit cards are commonly accepted at online casinos. Credit cards remain the most preferred way to fund online casino accounts due to the level of security they offer, their fraud protection features, and the wide level of acceptability. However, there is no guarantee that a specific credit card will be accepted at a given casino. We suggest that you check with the bank and online casino before signing up, unless the casino website specifically states that it accepts your card.
    While gambling is legal in Canada, bank acceptance of casino payments depends from bank to bank. In addition, different casinos have varying credit card acceptance requirements. If one credit card easily works at a specific site, it isn't necessary that the same bank will process payment to another casino online. It's always best to check with your bank first.
    The Canadian casinos online that we have listed will gladly accept Visa and MasterCard since there are millions of cardholders. In fact, online casinos prefer credit cards when accepting payments. Players typically get larger deposit options when using them. Some casinos may be selective about what cards they accept, so it's best for players to check with the gambling site before funding their account with Canadian Dollars.
    Yes, they are safe to use as long as you keep the information private and only provide it to the casino. Large online casinos use the same security protocol as banks do to encrypt payment details and keep hackers at bay. Therefore, using your credit card is one of the safest methods of funding your account. In addition, you can immediately contact your bank if you sense any foul play. Credit card companies are usually receptive to giving refunds when there is unauthorized use.
    The majority of licensed and reputable Canadian online casinos accept credit card payments and prefer this method over others, also accepting Canadian Dollars. While the types of credit cards they accept may vary from casino to casino, this form of payment is the most common. Therefore you can rest assured that you can fund your account with your card.
    When depositing real money into your craps casino online account, the funds will show up instantly. But when you withdraw money, it can take anywhere from three to seven days, depending on the casino. The withdrawal time depends on the casino's processing time and security protocols.
    Yes, popular online casinos keep customer privacy at the top of their priority list. So you can rest assured that your information will remain safe. In fact, most of these casinos use bank grade security measures to safeguard your personal and financial information from scammers and hackers. Therefore, players can enjoy gaming online without worrying about their card details falling into the wrong hands.
    While there are several other methods of funding your account such as eCheck, Paysafecard, and Interac e-Transfer, credit cards are a preferred option for online casinos in Canada. The main reason being that they provide safety to both the user and the casino.
    Most of the casinos listed do not charge transaction fees when processing your card. However, please contact your card provider to check if they will place a small charge per transaction. In addition, don't forget that you have to pay monthly interest on the balance of your card.