Paysafecard Transactions with Casinos Online

There are quite a few different ways to fund your casino online account or withdraw funds from it. However, Paysafecard may be one of the most ideal prepaid solutions that you could use.

We have the sole intention of familiarizing you with how Paysafecard is used and why to consider it as a viable payment solution. Beyond casinos, you can use the card at retail stores that accept the form of payment. On this page, we intend to cover the following topics.

  • What is a Paysafecard and how to use it
  • Why you should consider it for online gambling
  • Why it might be better than other options
Quick Facts
  • Money left over on a Paysafecard after a purchase is still available for use
  • 43 countries accept Paysafecard as a mode of payment
  • A C$2.50 fee is charged per month if the card has not been used for a year

From Vienna to The Rest of the World

You can instantly deposit funds in your favorite casino online and transactions can be performed in a range of foreign currencies.

The company is based in the capital city of Vienna in Austria and was created in the late 1990s. It provides its comprehensive services to more than 43 countries spread across the entire world. The card has been quickly incorporated as one of the most preferred payment methods by millions of gamblers across the world and in Canada. Using your Paysafecard is absolutely stress-free and the deposits can be made without any issues. Since Paysafecard is not linked to a traditional bank account, there is no way for gamblers to withdraw their winnings through it.

Depositing & Topping Up Your Bankroll

Keep in mind that you can only purchase a Paysafecard valued at C$10, C$30, C$50, C$100, C$150, and C$250, these are the amounts that you will be able to deposit at the casino online. In order to simplify the entire process, we are going to provide you with four steps that will get your real money into your Paysafecard online casino.

Locate sales outlet
Locate the nearest sales outlet or go online and purchase your Paysafecard.
Choose casino
Pick a Paysafecard online casino from our list of trustworthy and reputable Paysafecard casinos.
Log in
Log in to the casino online of your choice and select the Paysafecard option. Specify the amount you wish to deposit.
16-digit PIN
Enter the individual 16-digit PIN code of your Paysafecard and wait for your funds to appear in your account.

Employing Paysafecard to Your Advantage

A lot of Canadian players prefer not to share their personal and banking information with a third party for security reasons. With this in mind, using a prepaid card such as the Paysafecard appeals to them as the most secure solution out there. It's quick, it's simple and it's convenient. Furthermore, all of your personal and financial information will remain undisclosed. Just keep in mind that Paysafecard can charge an Inactivity Fee if the owner hasn't used the card for 12 months. Also, there's a 2% of the transaction amount fee if the payment has to be converted to a different currency. However, the disadvantages far outweigh its advantages. Here's a look at some quick benefits you can enjoy right off the bat when using Paysafecard.

  • secure
    Your information remains secure with the card
  • accept Paysafecard
    Many Canadian casinos online accept Paysafecard
  • spending
    Players can keep their gambling spend in check
  • purchase
    A Paysafecard can easily be purchased from a grocery store or even online
  • Start Depositing Today!

    As it is a prepaid card, you can't deposit more money than the actual value of your card. This is especially beneficial if you have concerns that you might overspend on online casinos. Given this limitation, a Paysafecard is still easily taken at major casinos here in Canada as it's technically as good as real cash. Take advantage of our carefully selected list of Paysafecard online casinos, we've done extensive research in order to spare you the hassle of looking for the best one.

    Start your real cash casino play with Paysafecard!

    Paysafecard FAQ

    Yes, Paysafecard is a widely used prepaid banking solution that's accepted by many online casinos. While this payment method originated in Europe, it can now be purchased across the world. Paysafecard's website also contains an extensive list of online betting sites where the card can be used.

    Yes, the majority of online casinos in Canada accept Paysafecard because it is extensively used as a payment method for casinos elsewhere too. Chances are that if the online casino is reputable and licensed by a known gambling commission, it will accept Paysafecard.
    When making deposits through a Paysafecard casino online, it takes minutes for the Canadian Dollars to be transferred. There is no wait time to start playing your favourite online casino games. However, players cannot withdraw funds to their prepaid Paysafecard, so they will have to enter bank details at the casino site to receive their winnings.
    Paysafecard is an anonymous way of paying online casinos in Canada. No personal information or financial details are shared through it since you purchase the card from a retail outlet and use a 16-digit pin when processing payment. Therefore, you can use the card safely without having to worry about your information being misused.
    There are no fees involved when using the Paysafecard at an online casino in Canada. If you pay $50 to purchase a card, the card will hold the exact same value of $50 CAD. However, if you have money left on your card after 12 months of purchasing it, there is a small monthly service fee of $2.50 Canadian Dollars. There is also a 2% conversion fee if you purchase the card in one currency and use it to pay in another currency.