Managing Your Online Casino Bankroll

You should be ready to go with an arsenal of options to ensure you're bankroll stays in the green and more importantly, so does your linked bank accounts. The most esteemed gamblers will tell you the only way to make profit is to set assimilated goals for your bankroll and stick to them no matter what. Even if you think you have "plenty" of money.

If you want to be a better gambler, bankroll management is just as important as skill and strategy. Luckily you don't need to be a mathematician, nor are you required to hire an accountant, you just need to know:

Setting Your Bankroll


A bankroll is not just the amount of money you see in your casino online interface. Sure, you technically have that much real cash, but a bankroll is considered to be an amount in which you can afford to lose without causing problems in your own life. In other words, this is the same cash you might spend on a night out or on a new pair of shoes.

Deciding how much to allocate to your casino online bankroll will depend on your own financial abilities. Think about what you can afford and assume you will lose it. That's not being negative, but rather practical. It will separate you from the face value and allow you to play with a relaxed state of mind because you are not scared of losing anything. This is key and paramount to making the right moves on your favorite games.

Gambling is Ultimately for Entertainment

It's totally understandable to want to win money at online casinos, who doesn't? However, these operators are there to provide you and other players with fun and entertainment. The money is just a bonus. To paint a different picture in relation to bankroll management, let's say you are going to dinner and a movie to see a new release. You hope that it will be good, but you realize that it might not be. You've budgeted c$100 for this leisure activity because that is what you can afford even if your food is not great and the movie was bad enough to deserve a Raspberry Award. This same principal applies to your casino bankroll. Your time spent at a casino online should be all about the fun factor. Put your favorite music on, grab a smoothie or cup of coffee and enjoy yourself. This is the optimal way to make the most of your experience.

Know Your Betting Limits

Once you have established how much your bankroll will be, it's time to determine your betting limits. The most effective way to do this is to think about it in terms of percentage. This is because it will increase and decrease as you win and lose. To determine your limits, consider the following principal which will allow you to make profit and protect you from significant losses.

C$1000 bankroll
Let's assume your bankroll is C$1000.
no more than 0.01%
The rule of thumb for bankroll management is to wager no more than 0.01% per wager.
average bet size
You average bet size should be no more than C$10.
half the amount
Sometime this is too much, if that's the case, half the amount to C$5.

The Potential Pitfalls of Bankroll Management Neglect

Your bankroll is your cushion. It's there to protect you from the streaks of bad luck that do occur from time to time. If you ignore the power of bankroll management, you could end up between a rock and a hard place. With a dwindling, or negative bankroll, chasing losses may seem like the only way out. Your account may be reloaded with money you cannot afford to spend on gambling. You may catch yourself making risky bets without thinking things through. All of these actions can take you down a path of further complications. Eventually, you may end up reading about problem gambling wondering if you meet the signs. Although an extreme situation, it does happen to a small number of people. Yet, it can be prevented, and bankroll management is one of the soundest methods to do so.

Don't Let Your Bets Get Too Big for Your Bankroll

Big bets

The right hand or the amount of luck you hold does not make a successful gambler. Effective money management does. When you remain in control of your bankroll you will come out ahead. The opportunity to blow through your money in a few big bets is tempting, but this concept of "a chip and a chair" will not lead to profits. Look at your bankroll like capital. When you are down on a Friday night, let go of the mindset in that you have to settle your losses by making them back by Sunday afternoon. This is just a bad streak. Take it with a grain of salt and trust your skills and your process. If you know what you're doing, it will pay off.

Casinos With Bets of All Sizes

No matter the amount of your bankroll, whether its C$20 or C$1000, you'll find casino online sites that offer bets of all sizes. Picking one that allows you to wager in a way that suits you is of vital importance to your enjoyment. Pull up a seat on the virtual green or spin to win on slots. As long as you're playing responsibly and keeping an eye on your real cash bankroll then you're guaranteed to have a good time.