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New Brunswick, one of Canada's three Maritime Provinces, was officially created in 1784 by the portioning of the British Colony at Nova Scotia. It then went on to enter the Canadian Confederation in July of 1867.

Within this populated city is a considerable demand for gambling in both physical casinos and casino online sites. Thankfully, for gambling lovers, you'll find there are plenty of fantastic online & offline casino destinations. On this page, we'll familiarize you with the following aspects of gambling here:

  • A short history of how gambling came to New Brunswick and expanded
  • Current laws & legislation surrounding gambling, both online and offline
  • The best casinos that you should know about
Quick Facts
  • New Brunswick receives approximately $130 million in gaming revenue per year.
  • The Casino New Brunswick was built at a cost of $90 million Canadian Dollars.
  • The Casino New Brunswick includes a 4-star hotel and is only 11 kilometers from downtown.

The Beginning of a Craze

gaming history

New Brunswick was one of the slower provinces to accept the excitement and desire for gambling within its borders. While the native population in the 1400s played games, it wasn't until the Klondike Gold Rush that gambling with cards really took hold. By 1892 gambling was legalized in Canada, with limitations and in the mid-1980s with the passage of broader limits, gambling in Canada exploded as a form of entertainment.

In 1997, all the provinces sans Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland had casinos. In May of 2008, the construction began of a casino complex containing a casino, hotel, dining, and entertainment center by the Sonco Gaming New Brunswick Limited Partnership. The company would later sell the complex for $95 million dollars, attesting to the value and popularity of gambling.

Gambling Legislation Online & Offline

Online gambling and play at brick and mortar casinos is allowed in NB and, because of this legalization, there are a host of growing establishments.

Due to the Gaming Control Act, the NBLGC (New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation) manages and is responsible for all the gaming within the NB province. This act is part of the Criminal Code of Canada. In addition, the Gaming Control Branch is also responsible for the regulation of gaming in the province, including charitable gaming.

These two sanctioning bodies are supplemented by eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance Agency), which supervises casino online gambling, specifically monitoring fairness, payouts, and ensuring that players enjoy their time in a safe manner. Getting the most from the experience is important for all players and so, listed below are three of the top casinos in the New Brunswick province.

Popular New Brunswick Casinos

Casino New Brunswick

Casino New Brunswick

  • 21 Casino Drive
    Moncton, NB, E1G 0R7
  • +1-877-859-7775
  • casinonb.ca

In 2015, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GC) purchased the Casino New Brunswick, located in the eastern part of the province. The casino hosts a selection of table games including baccarat, craps, roulette, and blackjack. Meanwhile, the poker room offers daily real cash games along with Texas Hold'em and Omaha tournaments, with a bad beat jackpot! With operation hours from 7am - 3am, Monday through Friday and the weekends open for 24 hours, the New Brunswick Hotel & Casino is a brilliant spot for live casino play.

Grey Rock Casino Madawaska

Grey Rock Casino Madawaska

In 2014, Sonco Gaming New Brunswick partnered with Madawaksa Maliseet First Nation to create the C$13 million casino that would have an estimated C$8 million of revenue in the first year. Offering over 140 premium slot machines and a gigantic bingo hall that houses over 400 players, the Grey Rock Casino is located just outside the city of Edmunston. The casino offers C$1/$2 no limit and C$2/4 limit Texas Hold'em in its poker room, along with a large selection of slot machines and various restaurants.

Eagle's Nest Casino

Eagle's Nest Casino

Located just off the Trans-Canada Highway, the Eagle's Nest Casino is just south of the town of Woodstock. As the flagship of the Woodstock Economic Corporation, the casino keeps regular hours of 10am - 2:20am, Monday through Friday, offering both bingo and slot machines. Players can enjoy a variety of games here, such as video lottery, bingo, and cards. Video Lottery Terminals offer low stakes and plenty of fun since the gaming displays are highly engaging. From 'Wild Gold Bars' to 'Power Keno', you can play a variety of top quality slots here.

Searching for the Right Opportunity


While the selection of land-based casinos in New Brunswick may be limited, the group that we have put together has a great reputation amongst locals and tourists alike. If you are looking for a great gaming experience, make sure to visit the relevant page on our site.

In addition, you will find plenty of online casinos in Canada that you can easily play at from the comfort of your home for real money. These casinos offer a range of games that you won't find at one brick and mortar casino. So if you're favourite game isn't offered at any establishment listed above, try out those from our selection of the best casino online sites.

Enjoy the best New Brunswick casinos online!


To legally play at a New Brunswick casino online, or a land based one, players must be at least 19 with a valid ID. Minors are advised to stay clear of casinos until they are of legal age, including in regards to online gaming. While there have been instances of minors trying to get into a real money casino online through illegal means, these efforts are thwarted as underage gambling in Canada is not allowed.
If the player's main source of income is derived from gaming then yes, the gambler's Canadian Dollar winnings will be taxed. However, if the main source of income for the player comes from a different occupation, winnings are not considered taxable. If you gamble casually, then you can rest assured that your winnings will not be taxed by the government.
Gaming currently has a solid base and is growing. The casinos listed all have excellent credentials and have been certified by the gambling authorities in the province. The future is looking positive for gaming and New Brunswick online casinos are also getting a fair amount of traction from the area.
In order to stay safe and secure playing online, players should make sure that the site is managed and legitimated by eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance Agency). In addition, the listed casinos here at CasinoOnline.ca have been vetted and are secure to play at.