The 2024 Casino Situation in Nunavut

While conventional gambling exists in a few forms, if a land-based casino is what you are looking for, then Nunavut might not be the best choice. However, there is still hope for gambling enthusiasts thanks to the growth of online casinos.

To help you navigate the world of casino online sites, we've put together this page. Aiming to guide you through everything you need to know in order to gambling in Nunavut. We'll take a look at:

  • Brief history of gambling in Canada
  • The legal provisions & regulations in association with online & offline gambling in the region
  • Other forms of gambling that you should consider
Quick Facts
  • Even though the province has no land based casinos, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation hosts most betting here
  • Legal gambling types include card games, lotteries, and bingo
  • Large international brands provide residents with plenty of licenced online gambling options

How Gambling Came To Northern Canada


It goes without saying that gambling in Canada has been popular for quite a while. However, even though gambling is legal in all of Canada's provinces right now, this was not always the case. In fact, on the 15th of March back in 1999 the federal government of Ottawa effectively lifted a 611 year-old ban on dice games.

Online gambling, sports betting, private bets between individuals, horse racing and ticket lotteries are all quite popular amongst the population and are heavily concentrated in Iqaluit as it's the province's capital and largest city. The territory is known for its tough weather conditions and isolation, but players are still able to enjoy sports betting and gambling thanks to online casinos as well as to some local parlays.

The Legality of Online and Offline Gambling

The first thing that you need to bear in mind is that Canada has vested the responsibility of regulating gambling to each province's local government. With this in mind, on the territory of Nunavut, all sorts of gambling are legal as long as you stick with the provisions which were stipulated and set forth by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation because it serves Nunavut. Furthermore, online gambling is also entirely legal and it's without a doubt a preferred option for the majority.

The Consumer Affairs - a department of Nunavut's government, assists local communities as well as members of the general public with any gambling concerns they may have. It's also the department which can provide assistance with lottery licences. This is in the event that the municipality itself isn't delegated to issue the licence. Located just southwest of Nunavut is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is known to licence several online casinos across Canada. For those who are still craving for a land based casino experience but sadly have no choices in Nunavut, here are some casinos you can visit in neighboring provinces.

Popular Nunavut Casinos

Aseneskak Casino

Aseneskak Casino

  • Highway 10 North
    Opaskwayak, Manitoba, R0B 2J0
  • 1-204-627-2250

Located minutes from the Saskatchewan River and resting in the serene lands of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, this casino provides a first-class experience to local gamblers. Thanks to its remote location, Aseneskak Casino offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere to those who want to gamble in the calm. However, don’t take the casino’s laid back location as a sign it doesn’t offer a variety of exciting games. You can play 172 multi-denominational machines placed on a redesigned gaming floor that will make you feel like you’re in Vegas.

McPhillips Station Casino

McPhillips Station Casino

Welcome to the home of casino gaming variety. McPhillips Station Casino is operated and owned by Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. When players are looking for a range of games in an exhilarating casino environment with character and class, McPhillips Station is the place to be. You can play slots, blackjack, baccarat, craps, Hold’em, and several other games here for real cash. Open Monday - Saturday, 10am - 3am, and Sunday, 12pm - 3am, the casino also has some great dining venues. McPhillip’s weekly poker tournaments always draw a great crowd.

Niichi Oasis Gaming Centre

Niichi Oasis Gaming Centre

Operated and owned by the Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation, this gaming centre has plenty of variety for those who want to be entertained and make some real money. With an assortment of Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), you can try your luck at the Niichi Oasis Gaming Centre. The Centre has an extremely friendly atmosphere where you can chat with fellow players, enjoy appetizers and food, and play some bingo while you’re at it! Open from 11am to 2am Monday through Saturday and 12pm to 12am on Sundays.

Finding a Reputable Gaming Venue


As sports betting is the most popular type of gambling in the province, casino sites can be a little hard to find. Doing so over the internet is advantageous but not being a resident of Iqaluit might mean that you don't even have an internet connection.

Finding the best casino online is definitely the most preferable option, and that's what we're here to help with. We've collated a top quality of secure and trustworthy gambling sites, offering up a brilliant experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

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The minimum age for gambling in Nunavut is 19 years. In fact, Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta are the only provinces in which the minimum legal age is 18. All Canadian provinces strictly forbid minors from playing in land sites and online casinos, Nunavut included.
Winning the occasional sports bet doesn't mean that you have to pay taxes on it. However, if you do this for a living, you would be legally subjected to taxation on your Canadian Dollar winnings. It's best to be clear about your gambling intent to ensure that there are no tax evading issues with the Canada Revenue Agency down the road.
The province regulates gambling through the West Canada Lottery Corporation. Municipalities are usually in charge of issuing lottery licences and if they aren't vested with this authority, the Consumer Affairs is capable of assisting. While the province doesn't look over online gambling, there are several offshore options available for locals to take advantage of.
The casinos on our website are all secure and reputable. However, it's always highly advisable that you exercise caution when it comes to handling your casino online account. Keep in mind that an employee of the casino is never going to ask for your password. You might also want to make sure that the casino has eCOGRA's approval stamp so that your funds are handled professionally.